Wilder On His Power: ‘A Blessing And A Curse’

When it comes to the power of Deontay Wilder, there is not many fighters you can compare him to. The WBC Heavyweight Champion has 41 wins via knockout, with only one win via decision. It is an astonishing mark for a fighter that has put the heavyweight divison on notice.

When Wilder (42-0-1) fought Tyson Fury back in 2018, Wilder’s power was on full display, knocking Fury down twice. While Fury got back up, Wilder’s strength was still brought into the conversation.

“I’ve always had power. I always tell the story of how my grandmother said I was anointed by God, that God is trying to use me for things,” Wilder stated during a media conference call. “It’s just all about living, coming into this world and finding your purpose in life. I think I found one of my purposes in life, and of course that’s whooping ass and taking names, at this point in time. And I do that very well.”

Now, Wilder and Fury (29-0-1) are set for a rematch this Saturday, February 22 inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fury states he has been working hard to slim down and focus on his power. He even predicts a second-round knockout for the win. With the power to decimate his opponents, like he did against Dominic Breazeale and Luis Ortiz twice, Wilder is under the belief he knows what true power is.

“When you have power it is a blessing and a curse,” Wilder went on to say. “It’s a blessing because when I hit guys, they’re either hurt or they’re going to the canvas. And it’s a curse, I feel, because I have so much power that when I hit things, I’m either hurting my opponent or anything that I hit or I’m hurting myself and that’s it, there’s nothing in between.”

Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Wilder has struggled with depression in his life. He later focused all of his energy on his children and supporting his younger brother, Marsellos, who is also a boxer. Reflecting on his life up until now, Wilder was humble as ever on his transition to becoming one of the top boxers in the world. He can’t wait to continue to prove that against Fury.

“I never imagined just being able to do so many great things in the sport of boxing, and I’m doing them,” said Wilder. “I’m living witness that you can be from the middle of nowhere, you can come from a place where the system of boxing is not recognized and overcome and achieve greatness. And that’s what I’m doing, I’m leading by example. And I just can’t wait until February 22. Fury is going to get sent to the ground and this time around he definitely not getting up.”

Over the past few years, all that has been talked about is Wilder, Fury and Anthony Joshua. With the winner potentially getting a shot at Joshua next, both Wilder and Fury have a lot to prove against one another. Last time out, their fight was a ratings magnet. This time, every market wants a taste.

Wilder is ready to put on a show for that fans, and it hoping for the best of Tyson Fury. The rivalry between the two has helped boxing grow, and Wilder believes the heavyweight division is better than ever before as a result.

“The fans are in for a treat,” Wilder stated. “They’re the ones that are getting their money worth when it comes to this fight right here. They already know what me and Tyson are all about. We come in, we wear our hearts on our sleeves and we fight to the end and that’s what we’re going to do come February 22.

“So I can’t wait. This is the moment in time for the heavyweight division. Its’ fire is lit, it’s on fire. And I’m planning on keeping it that way. As the Heavyweight Champion of the World I’m planning on keeping it exciting for everyone. It’s back; the heavyweight division is back, baby.”

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