Wilder Pokes At Stiverne’s Dehydration At Presser

The day following Bermane Stiverne’s 39th birthday, Deontay Wilder wanted to give his challenger a gift.

And Stiverne, who at Thursday’s press conference said he would smile if he were to kill Wilder in the ring, did not open the gift. Wilder revealed that he bought his challenger for the WBC heavyweight title, a bottle of Pedialyte. Pedialyte is commonly used to help people suffering from dehydration, which Stiverne claims hindered his performance against Wilder in 2015.

“Dehydration, right? He became the first heavyweight in history that became dehydrated in a fight. The first. And we gonna give him that. We’ll give him that. We’re gonna say he was dehydrated. We heard he was in full health the first time, right? He said that if he wasn’t training, then he would be worried, that he trained his ass off, right? That he was ready. But when he got in that ring, I don’t know what happened. But we’re gonna make sure it don’t happen no more, Bermane. … Bermane, we’re gonna make sure that don’t happen no more.”

Wilder defeated Stiverne convincingly to win the WBC title from him in January 2015, yet Stiverne  remains the only opponent Wilder could not knock out. The 32-year-old knockout artist would have to settle for a unanimous decision victory against Stiverne.

Stiverne has only had one fight since their last battle, yet the WBC still installed him as Wilder’s mandatory challenger. Stiverne was slated to face Dominic Breazeale in an undercard fight for Wilder’s battle against Luis Ortiz, but the former champion replaced Ortiz once the unbeaten Cuban southpaw tested positive late in September for two banned substances.

Wilder known to brag claims that there will be no excuses at Barclays Center.

“He was the only man to survive ‘The Alabama Slammer… And this is what makes this a great fight, because when I knock him out there won’t be nobody, no fighter, that says they survived with Deontay Wilder. That’s what’s so special about this fight. That’s why people should watch it. This is the magic about this fight – he was the only one to survive. He left with a lot of lumps and humps on him, though. A lot of excuses. This fight right here, we’re gonna leave it all in the ring. No excuses. Winner takes all.”

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