Wilder Ponders Move To Cruiserweight

Even though Deotnay Wilder is looking to unify heavyweight boxing, the WBC heavyweight champion of the world is considering a move to cruiserweight.

“What’s up, boxing world?,” Wilder said in a video posted to social media on Wednesday. “You know, I’ve just been sitting in my car, thinking. I’ve been thinking about once I unify the heavyweight division, moving down to the cruiserweight division, taking over that division.”

“I mean, there’s never been a heavyweight champion ever go down in weight. I mean, just for the fun of it, just take over the cruiserweight division while maintaining the heavyweight [championship]. Yeah. What do you guys think?”

Wilder has been primarily a heavyweight his entire career, but has never weighed higher than 229 pounds for a fight as a pro.

Wilder was out weighed by his last opponent, Luis Ortiz by 26.5 pounds when they faced off in March, and was 34 pounds lighter than Bermane Stiverne, when he landed a first round knockout over him in November.

Even though he’s landed knockout wins in all but one of his 40 fights, Wilder walking in lighter against Anthony Joshua may be a problem, while Joshua has clocked in at 249 pounds in his last three title fights.


Original report: Boxing Scene


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