Wilder Responds After Ruiz Vows To ‘Humble’ Him

Deontay Wilder has hit back at Andy Ruiz Jr. as negotiations over a fight continue to stall after the Mexican vowed to ‘humble’ him.  

The two fighters have been struggling to agree on the terms of a purse split for what would be a WBC title eliminator.

And a victory would give the winner the chance to face Tyson Fury for the title. And with so much at stake, it would be in the interests of both fighters to get the bout on.

And yet, disagreements over the purse splits continue to dominate the headlines. Wilder has offered the Mexican 70-30, which has been rejected, with Ruiz’s team wanting an even split.

Thereafter, both fighters exchanged heated words. Ruiz’s team called Wilder’s side ‘liars,’ as the ‘Bronze Bomber’ hit back by branding Ruiz ‘fat.’ The latter, though, has vowed to ‘humble’ Wilder. 

“Deontay mother f****ng Wilder, you’re mad, wow. Man, why are you mad for, just because my dad is trying to look out for me? He wants the best for me and is trying to get me as much money as he can. Come on, there’s no reason to be mad about that.

“Talking about how I’m fat, that I got short arms, that I’m fast. That’s what everybody says; that’s what everything thinks until they meet m inside the ring. Guess what? This fat chubby kid is about to humble your a** down. Let’s get it, baby. Come on,” Ruiz 

Those comments did not sit well with Wilder, as the ‘Bronze Bomber’ became frustrated at the lack of movement over the fight, especially given his willingness to get in the ring, which has caused the American to respond. 

“Big boy, we don’t have to go back & forth with all this talking. I know what the deal is and the real is, and you know what the deal is and the real is as well. The only people that is mad is you guys.

“Who acting scared? It isn’t me because what you all talk about is unreasonable; let’s face it, it is what it is. So when you’re serious, holla at me.

“Until then, do what you’re doing, bro. You got a lot of weight to lose, man. You can talk that talk, but only a few walk that walk.

“Do you know what I mean? “So if you want to see what a knockout feels like to get your brain splattered, holla at me, bro. I ain’t far,” Wilder

The longer the fight stalls, the longer Fury’s WBC belt will be tied up. 

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