Wilder Talks About Beazeale “Disturbing His Peace”

WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is continuing the hype train for Saturday’s defense against mandatory challenger, Dominic Breazeale.

Fighting for the first time since his split-decision draw against Tyson Fury, Wilder is looking to make a statement against the former college football athlete.

When asked about their 2017 incident in an Alabama hotel Lobby, Wilder claims Breazeale is blowing it out of proportion.

“I mean, first of all, Breazeale, all that story he made up is lies,” Wilder told ESPN’s First Take. “You know, he came to my city and he threatened my brother as well as my family. I don’t take threats lightly. You know, he don’t say that part, he don’t own up to that part.

“He said I came into the hotel with 20 goons. I don’t have 20 people around me, my entourage is very small. You can’t control people like that, you know? With the situation up in there, he talking about his wife and kids….if you wanna get attention, you wanna clout chase, you add women and children in there.

Furthering the situation, he levels some blame at Breazeeale’s wife for getting involved. “See him and his wife was running around the room,” Wilder explained. “His wife was Xena the Warrior Princess running around yelling. His children — they don’t even know where their kids was because my brothers was protecting them like they was my own. Breazeale is just an opportunist. He’s one of those types of people that will waste water and ice in your business and slip on it on purpose just to sue you. And, you know, I don’t take that lightly. I can’t wait for Saturday night. It’s gonna be a massacre.

“I’ve always talked about wanting something on my record, wanting a body on my record, and in boxing you get the opportunity to do what you gotta do and get paid for it. That’s what I love about it. So I appreciate him for stirring the peace [note: he probably means ‘stirring the pot’]. I’m a peaceful person. I come in peace until you disturb my peace, and when you do that all hell breaks loose.”

’m a peaceful person. I come in love, until you interfere and you disturb the peace,” Wilder explained about his mindset in and out of the ring. “And then, like I said, I bring another side of me out. I don’t like to turn into the other side of me, you know, I like to keep in the ring as the ‘Bronze Bomber.’”

“Like I said… outside of the ring I’m Deontay, but inside the ring I’m the ‘Bronze Bomber.’ It’s two different things. Two different mindsets. And when you cross that level, when you cross that line, you don’t wanna mess with me.”

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