Wilder vs. Fury Live Results

The time for talk is over. The bad blood and exchanged words will come to a head tonight, when WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder defends his title against lineal champion and former unified champion Tyson Fury at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Wilder originally looked to face current unified champion Anthony Joshua after his knockout of Luis Ortiz back in March, but he and Joshua were unable to come to an agreement in negotiations as Joshua opted to face Alexander Povetkin instead. Wilder, in response, took this title defense against Fury.

Since winning the WBC Title from Bermane Stiverne back in 2015, Wilder has gone seven-for-seven in title defenses, with each coming by way of KO or TKO. In fact, the initial title win over Stiverne is the only time Wilder has gone the distance with an opponent.

Fury, meanwhile, pulled off a major upset when he ended Wladimir Klitschko’s 11-year title run in November 2015, taking the unified WBA/IBF/WBO/IBO championship. But Fury made not one defense of the titles, as the IBF stripped him of their title 10 days later due to contractual obligations. Then, in late 2016, Fury gave up the remainder of his titles after testing positive for cocaine and struggling with mental health.

Fury returned to the ring this year with wins over Sefer Seferi and Francesco Pianeta, but Wilder represents his first true test to see if he is still in boxing’s elite heavyweights.

In the co-main event, IBF/WBA Super Welterweight Champion Jarrett Hurd defends against Jason Welborn. Also, Luis Ortiz faces Travis Kauffman and Joe Joyce takes on Joe Hanks.

Prior to the pay-per-view undercard, WBC Light Heavyweight Champion Adonis Stevenson defends his title against Oleksandr Gvozdyk.

WBC Heavyweight Championship: (c.) Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury goes to a split draw (115-111, 110-114, 113-113)
IBF/WBA Super Welterweight Championship: (c.) Jarrett Hurd def. Jason Welborn via KO (Rd. 4, 1:55)
Luis Ortiz def. Travis Kauffman via KO (Rd. 10, 1:58)
Joe Joyce def. Joe Hanks via KO (Rd. 1, 2:25)
WBC Light Heavyweight Championship: Oleksandr Gvozdyk def. (c.) Adonis Stevenson via KO in Round 11

IBF/WBA Super Welterweight Championship: (c.) Jarrett Hurd vs. Jason Welborn

Round 1: Hurd leans back against the ropes to start. Hurd throwing his left jab. Hurd nails a right. Welborn throws a couple of lefts. Hurd ducking and dodging, preventing Welborn from getting inside. Welborn clinches up with Hurd, throwing a couple of punches. Hurd continues to throw the left jab, while Welborn fires back aggressively. Right hand from Welborn connects. Welborn swarms Hurd against the ropes.

Round 2: Hurd starts the round by firing away with his left jab again. Welborn manages to get his guard up. Hurd fires down to the body. Welborn with a weak combination, which Hurd answers with a left hook. Welborn clinches up again, trying to land several uppercuts and combinations to Hurd’s body. Welborn is swarming Hurd again, landing an overhand right. Combination from Hurd.

Round 3: Hurd backs Welborn up with several left hands. Welborn misses with some wild overhand shots. Welborn gets Hurd to the ropes, landing to the body and a right to the head. Weak combination from Hurd. Welborn connects with an uppercut and manages to back up the champion, though Hurd answers back with a shot to the temple. Hurd with a couple of hooks to the body. The two exchange in the final seconds with Welborn pressuring Hurd back into a corner until the bell.

Round 4: Welborn swings away early on, bringing Hurd back against the ropes. Welborn swarms Hurd with a flurry of punches, and Hurd is barely giving any answer other than putting up his guard — which isn’t stopping everything. Hurd, however, manages to land a couple and begins to fire away a flurry of his own, and a hard shot to the body drops Welborn! And Welborn can’t answer the count! Hurd retains by knockout!

Official Result: (c) Jarrett Hurd def. Jason Welborn via KO (Rd. 4, 1:55) to retain

WBC Heavyweight Championship: (c.) Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury

Round 1: The two meet in the center, staring each other down strongly. Wilder comes forward with a couple of punches and the two clinch. Fury throws a jab, then taunts by dropping his hands. Fury’s back is to the corner, but Wilder misses with an overhand right and Fury clinches up. Fury lands a couple of jabs. Another miss with an overhand from Wilder, and Fury begins to swarm the champion until Wilder lands a heavy hook, stunning Fury. Wilder misses with a right, and Fury catches him with a solid counter right hand before the bell.

Round 2: Left jab by Wilder. Fury lands a jab of his own. Wilder throws a weak left-right. Fury cracks Wilder before taunting the WBC champion again. Fury lands and makes Wilder miss heavy throws yet again. Wilder throws a right that misses before attempting to swarm Fury, who clinches up. Fury lands a couple of left jabs. Wilder lands a big right hand right before the bell!

Round 3: Fury lands one to the head. Wilder throws a couple of lefts. Wilder is the more active and aggressive fighter. Wilder chases and misses another big right. Wilder retaliates and taunts Wilder by putting his hands behind his back. Wilder narrowly misses Fury with a hook. Left hook by Wilder.

Round 4: Right hand just misses Fury. Fury lands a counter shot. Wilder keeping himself patient, but he’s still struggling to land much on Fury. Wilder misses his signature right. Wilder aims for the body. Wilder clips Fury with the right hook. Wilder misses a right hand, but he gets Fury with a left hook, busting him open around the nose.

Round 5: Jab to the body by Wilder. Left hook thrown by Wilder. Wilder throws a jab to the body, followed by a left hook upstairs. The two turn their pace down again. Fury attempting to throw upstairs, but Wilder blocks every single one. Wilder throws a hook. Fury throws a jab. Left hook by Wilder is countered by a late clinch.

Round 6: Wilder blocks two Fury jabs before throwing a jab to the body. Fury fires a combination that backs Wilder up to the ropes, causing some swelling around Wilder’s left eye. Fury throws a couple of jabs. Brief exchange.

Round 7: Hook by Wilder, followed by another hook upstairs by the WBC champion. Jab to Fury’s body. Left hook catches Fury upstairs. Right hand gets Fury on a chin, but Fury answers back with a right hand. Wilder, however, suddenly gets on a flurry, backing Fury up to the ropes and forcing him to clinch! Big right hand forces Fury back again. Fury throws to the body. Fury lands a big right of his own! Left hand by Wilder.

Round 8: Fury throws a jab to start the round. Wilder misses with a right. Wilder throws a combination. Big right hand by Wilder. Fury taunts Wilder once more. Overhand right, followed by a Fury jab. Fury works the left jab before unleashing a couple of hard right hands. Wilder lands a hard right in close but the bell sounds before he can complete a combination.

Round 9: Big right hand by Wilder. Wilder lands a combination that drops Fury! Wilder chases after Fury and Fury clinches up, trying to stay up. Wilder with a right hand followed by a left hook, but Fury starts to answer back! Wilder swings hard and wild, seemingly gassing himself out. Fury taunts, sticking his tongue out at Wilder. Fury tries to land shots to the body in close, backing up Wilder.

Round 10: Fury with a brief combination to start. Fury throws a couple of jabs. The two clinch up and the referee has to force them apart. Fury trying to fire away but Wilder answering back. Fury with a couple of lefts, which Wilder answers with overhands. Big right hand by Fury. Both men swing away in the closing seconds, with Wilder taking control with his overhand shots.

Round 11: Wilder lands a left jab. Fury with a left. Wilder unleashes a wild combo, but Fury is able to avoid every shot. Wilder lands a left hook to the body. Wilder makes Fury hunched over briefly, but Fury throws a combination. Wilder lands a one-two right before the bell.

Round 12: Left to the body. Wilder lands with a right, followed by another right that knocks Fury down and nearly out! Fury barely beats the count. Wilder goes on the attack again, but Fury clinches up. Wilder tries to finish Fury, but Fury answers back with a strong shot of his own. Fury comes forward in the final 30 seconds. Fury throws a combination, trying to land several shots on the inside in the closing seconds. Wilder lands two lefts and the bell sounds, bringing the fight to the scorecards.

Official Decision: (c.) Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury goes to a split draw (115-111, 110-114, 113-113)

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