Wilder Wants To Knock Breazeale Out

The winner of the Dominic Breazeale-Eric Molina fight figures to be a future opponent for the WBC heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder on November 4th. This is only if Wilder beats Bermane Stiverne in the main event of the card at Barclays Center. Wilder already has been defeated Molina and facing Breazeale would provide Wilder with a chance to settle a “very personal” score.

The same evening as Wilder defeated Gerald Washington in February of this year, the WBC heavyweight title holder and Breazeale got into an altercation in the lobby of a Birmingham hotel. The issue between the two began while Wilder was in the ring, as Breazeale (who defeated Izu Ugonoh earlier in the night) sat front row and began to exchange words with Wilder’s brother, Marsellos Wilder.

The Birmingham Police Department  were needed to stop the incident between Wilder and Breazeale, which would include dozens of people at The Westin Birmingham. Breazeale later file suit against Wilder over an incident that took place in front of Breazeale’s wife and two young children.

When asked for comment on Breazeale and a possible fight between the two, Wilder would welcome it.

“If a Dominic Breazeale fight comes along in the future, that would be a great thing… That’d be high up there with Stiverne. I definitely would try to hurt him so bad. Just mentioning that fight, it gets me flared up. Dominic better watch himself. He’s doing all this stuff, but he’s not made to be the champion. Nothing about Dominic Breazeale screams champion – the way he talks, the way he looks, nothing. Nothing about him says champion.

“He would be more of a prima donna type of person. He’s more of a female version of a champion than a male champion. He’s not an alpha male – that’s for sure. I couldn’t see him as champion at all, but fighting him, it would be the same result of Stiverne. What I’m gonna do to Stiverne, it’d be just as bad for Breazeale.”

“I hope that Breazeale wins because I already beat Molina. Breazeale is a more personal issue for me. I want him to feel some type of pain that I wanna give to him. It’ll be a very uncomfortable pain. The pain would have to last at least two weeks.”


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