Will Dustin Poirier Retire After Fighting For Lightweight Crown?

Top-ranked UFC lightweight star Dustin Poirier might be mulling on hanging up his gloves after taking on Charles Oliveira in the title fight.

In a conversation with Daily Mail, the Diamond said:

“For me, being an undisputed world champion was the goal from the beginning. If I can tick that box, I’ve done it all in the sport of mixed martial arts.”

Speaking about his plans if he becomes the champ, Poirier hinted at retiring and focusing on his hot sauce brand.

“We’ll see man. I’ll probably just go and sell hot sauce!” he added.

Oliviera and Poirier have both been in the UFC for over a decade.

Their experience speaks volumes of their character and why they deserve to be the two who lock horns for the lightweight crown after Khabib Nurmagomedov departed from the organization in early 2020.

Poirier has topped the charts after thumping Conor McGregor twice in a row, but he doesn’t take anything lightly.

“Oliveira is a very dangerous guy,” the top-ranked MMA veteran said. “I think he’s improving more and more in his striking, putting guys down, he’s long especially for that weight class and I think he’s probably the best jiu-jitsu practitioner in the UFC roster right now.”

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