Will Michael Page Give BKFC Another Shot?

British kickboxer and MMA star Michael “Venom” Page had a short stint at BKFC, where he appeared for a one-off showdown against Mike Perry.

The British star gave his all, even broke Perry’s joke with his hammering strikes, but just couldn’t deliver enough goods to win. He ended up losing at BKFC27 via majority decision.

In an appearance on Ariel Helwani’s The MMA Hour, Page explained why the BKFC stint was important for his personal growth as a fighter and how he may give it another shot in the future.

“I did enjoy it, weirdly enough. It was very different, but I just love the new challenges when it comes to combat, full stop. This one was a completely new challenge,” the 34-year-old said.

“The training I had to slightly alter, and where I actually slipped up was, my coach told me the day before, ‘Go and check the canvas. Go and step into the ring and feel the space that you’re going to be in.’ And I was like, that’s going to be like anything else.”

The London-born fighter expressed that the small size of the rings used in BKFC was something he didn’t really take notice of until he was in there with Perry.

“But it does differ, because the size of the ring, in general, is not the size you actually fight in, because the ropes start so much further in. So it’s actually very tight when you actually get in there. It slipped my mind, I completely forgot to do it, and when I was in there I was like, ‘S***, this is hella tight.’”

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