Will More MMA Fighters Switch To Pro Wrestling?

We might be seeing a change in the MMA community soon.

Dan Lambert, the owner of American Top Team (ATT), has hinted that more MMA competitors may be making the transition to professional wrestling.

Lambert spoke to Sports Illustrated recently about his and other ATT members’ presence on All Elite Wrestling (AEW) television.

“There’s a vocal minority of people in MMA who hate pro wrestling, and in pro wrestling who hate MMA fans and wrestlers and fighters included,” Lambert said.

“But I’ve found there’s a lot more who like and respect both. There are a lot more similarities between the businesses than most people realize.”

Lambert has fought alongside Kayla Harrison, Jorge Masvidal, Paige VanZant, and a slew of other MMA stars on AEW TV.

Lambert predicts that more fighters will cross over into MMA and professional wrestling in the future.

“Lots of fighters have expressed interest in pro wrestling, so I’d expect to see some more crossovers,” Lambert said.

“ATT is in the business of training people to win fights. Nothing more, nothing less. And we plan to keep doing that until we are too old to get ourselves to the gym.”

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