Wladimir Klitschko Continues Push To Condemn IOC For Allowing Russian Athletes At 2024 Olympics

Olympic gold winner Wladimir Klitschko continues to object to the IOC proposals to allow certain Russians to participate in the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.

Klitschko posted a video on Monday in which he addressed Thomas Bach, the head of the IOC, while standing in front of destroyed buildings. The Ukrainian boxer strongly denounced the IOC for allowing Russian athletes to compete in the upcoming Olympics.

The former heavyweight champion argued that if athletes from Russia, and its military partner Belarus, are allowed to compete at the next Olympics, sports leaders will be complicit in the war.

Last week, the International Olympic Committee outlined its preferred route for Russians and Belarusians who have yet to publicly back the conflict to qualify for Paris and compete in 18 months as neutral athletes without a flag or anthem.

The IOC’s suggestion to sports organizations to exclude Russia and Belarus from international competitions was softened, infuriating Ukraine, inducing a potential boycott.

To make their side of the argument even stronger, Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy invited Thomas Bach, the IOC President, to visit the war-torn city of Bakhmut. The ruined city of Bakhmut is located on the current frontline of the war.

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