Woman Who Won European Kickboxing Championship Wants An Olympic Gold Medal

She also finished second-place in her nursing program.

A young woman who is both a nurse and a member of the national team won the European Kickboxing Championships in November.

But her greatest ambition is to take home an Olympic gold medal.

“You have to want to succeed. I continued to do sports while continuing my education. Although it is stressful and difficult, I do both with pleasure,” said Duygu Turan.

She won the gold medal in the European Kickboxing Championship held by the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) in the southern province of Antalya in November while working as a nurse in a hospital in Istanbul’s Işli neighborhood.

Following her second-place finish in the nursing program at Kocaeli University, Turan enrolled in her second bachelor’s program at Istanbul University’s Faculty of Physical Education.

The 29-year-old has won five times in Europe and three times around the globe, and she has also been dubbed “the finest female fighter” in Europe.

Turan, who has gone nine years without losing in any of her bouts, stated: “My goal is to continue my career undefeated.”

According to Turan, kickboxing has been acknowledged by the Olympic Committee and is currently regarded as a semi-Olympic discipline.

“If kickboxing becomes Olympic, my goal is Olympic champion.”

Turan said she often encounters questions such as “Do women also do this sport?” and “Do women fight?”

“Unfortunately, there is a perception in society that this sport is a male sport and that women cannot do it as if some things are only for men, not only in sports but also in many other fields.”

“However, we, women, are everywhere, we exist, and we will continue to exist,” She asserted that compared to male competitors, female athletes had greater success and gave the nation more medals.

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