Woodley Comes After Gastelum

The streets continue to be hot in the UFC, as former champion Tyron Woodley and Kelvin Gastelum are the latest pair of 170 pounders to have a beef.

“Kelvin Fatselum, the one who fought me at middleweight when I was a welterweight, and got his ass whooped when I broke my foot, and I gave him his money back and now he’s talking s**t three years later,” Woodley said on The Hollywood Beatdown. “F**k everybody around his team from top to bottom.”

The two faced off at UFC 183 with Woodley grabbing a split-decision win over Gastelum, who missed weight and helped force his hand to move up to middleweight.

“I ain’t got love for you G, I ain’t got no pity for you. I gave you mad props on air, I gave you mad props on ESPN, I gave you mad props for the Israel Adesanya fight,” Woodley said.

“I ain’t had nothing to say about you. I was respectful to you, I didn’t bash you when you missed weight. And now you’re going to talk s**t about me? I will f**k you up right now. I will f**k you up in the Octagon. You’re garbage and your whole squad is garbage. That’s why nobody wants to endorse you guys. You had to do your own press tour. You guys are like dry toast.”

Gastelum and Woodley have not stepped inside the Octagon since their respective losses to Israel Adesanya at UFC 236 and Woodley’s loss to Kamaru Usman at UFC 235.

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