Woodley Demands McGregor Stop Ducking Him

In the midst of his latest legal issue, Conor McGregor revealed last weekend that he and the UFC were negotiating for a July return for the “champ-champ,” and that he would even fight in a co-main event, but on the condition that he get an equity stake in the organization.

Tyron Woodley, coming off of a welterweight title loss at UFC 235, feels that the Irish fighter is in no place to make shots after losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.

“I’d tell him, ‘Sit your ass down and fight Tyron Woodley at 170,’” Woodley said to TMZ. “We both just lost in a world title fight. You ain’t in no position to call no shots. You lost, you started a huge religious, culture war, you just got into some smoke by smashing a fan’s phone, you’re constantly in trouble, you constantly get passes. You get through Tyron and we’ll talk.”

“I’m dead ass…I didn’t think about that until you just said it but I’m like, okay, he wants to fight Cerrone – never been a champion. He wants to fight Nate Diaz – never been a champion. He wants a rematch of Khabib immediately, so do I. I don’t look like I’m getting an immediate rematch so it looks like we dangling around Conor. Come get this smoke.”

Woodley and McGregor have had an issue brewing since a confrontation at the UFC 205 weigh-ins in 2016, and the now former 170 pound champion thinks the time is right for them to throw hands.

“Who makes sense for me to fight right now?” Woodley asked. “I might as well fight Conor. Where you at Conor? Quit being a b*tch. Let’s fight.”

“I want to fight Conor. I’ll fight him in Ireland. I’ll fight him in a f***ing back alley of White Castle. Wherever y’all want to do it at.”

Initial Report: TMZ Sports

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