Woodley Diagnosed With Chronic Arthritis

Injury woes have befallen former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley again, as he’s been diagnosed with chronic arthritis.

On his weekly TMZ show The Hollywood Beatdown, Woodley detailed what forced him out of his UFC Minneapolis rematch with Robbie Lawler.

I have chronic arthritis in my joint right here,” Woodley told TMZ Sports after visiting a hand specialist.

“There’s three joints that enable me to grab and grip. One has chronic arthritis and this one has severe arthritis. There’s a few different ways to heal and fix the problem permanently but it’s something you wouldn’t do if you were still active, because it limits your range of motion and grip. The temporary fix is to rehab it, get it stronger, get the flexibility to start to grab and grip, then 10 days before the fight let’s try to do a cortisone shot. I have the UFC checking on cities and states that allow you to have cortisone shots.”

This move will make Woodley’s return a bit difficult as the UFC will now need to search to see who will let Woodley have the cortisone shot under two weeks from a fight.


Quotes transcribed by MMA Mania


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