Woodley Is Done With Covington

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley came at rival Colby Covington, saying the fighter “should be embarrassed” for declining a unification fight.

“He’s basically shown us he’s a (expletive), and he never really wanted to fight in the first place,” Woodley told reporters backstage at UFC 227.

Woodley would claim that Covington is “not the interim champion” despite bringing his belt with him to meet Donald Trump at the White House. Covington technically is the interim welterweight champion until Woodley and his opponent Darren Till step into the cage at UFC 228 on September 8th, but Covington’s reign is over as far as Woodley is concerned.

Also, Woodley claims his time dealing with Covington is done, and allowed Covington to speak his way toa title shot because “our sport needed it.”  “I’m willing to beat anybody. You guys, the fans, and Brazil, and all the people he disrespected,” Woodley told reporters on Saturday. “You guys wanted to see him get his a** whooped. And I was just going to do it because he was next up.”

“It was quiet,” Woodley said. “Jon (Jones) was gone. Conor (McGregor) was gone. Ronda (Rousey) said peace out. What did we really have? So why am I going to shutter his dreams and remove the cape on his whole show. Hey, if it builds up a fight with me, I’ll make some money. You’re the easiest matchup in the division. Why not let it go forward?”

“Now, it’s a different opponent (in Till), one that style-wise presents way more threats to me. Bigger, stronger, more powerful, hungrier, and actually means what he says. He doesn’t say much, but what he says he really means it.”

After the announcement/staredown with Till for their fight in Dallas, Woodley said his attention is where it should be.

“What you think I should focus on? That terrible-ass (‘Make America Great Again’) hat (Covington) had on (at the White House), or this middleweight that’s going to kill himself trying to come down and take my belt?” Woodley said.


Initial Report: MMA Junkie

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