World Champion Assouik Dedicates Title To Friend

World Champion Fighter Turned Promoter Bedside In Hospital

Assouik Fight Night October 15th 2022 Official Poster


The 7-time world champion in Muay Thai and Kickboxing Youssef Assouik is a Danish citizen  with Moroccan heritage.

The fighter used to be a soccer (Europe: football) player, and trained towards being a professional, but quickly realized that his strengths were in Kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Enjoying the feeling of having the hand raised after a hard fought war in the ring,  motivated him to pursue a career as a Muay Thai fighter and Kickboxer – a wise choice since the warrior has done extremely well over the last ten years!


Youssef Assouik vs. Karim Guettaf – ISKA World Championship Title Fight


He is a true Cinderella story in Denmark, working with troubled children in a social project, which purpose is to steer the young people away from criminal activities.

A few years ago Assouik parted ways with the Siam Camp on Noerrebro in Copenhagen. A camp he was brought up in as a fighter, and which led to several world championship titles. Assouik opened up his own camp, Assouik Gym, where he continues to hone his skills, train his own students, and progress and continues to win world titles.

He also ventured into promoting a few years back, and promoted another successful Assouik Fight Night event last Saturday. Assouik defended his ISKA world championship title, but the celebrations were short cut: his good friend and sparring partner had been rushed to the hospital with a shin injury three fights before it was time for Assouik to defend his belt.

Danish public service broadcast company DR had an article on Assouik, showing the champ sitting at the bed with his fellow gym mate: the headline read “I dedicate this title to my friend”. Assouik also said during the interview, that he would do anything for his friend, and that the victory was not that important – the health of his friend was the most important thing, and he would make sure his stay in the hospital would be as easy as possible by visiting him every day and bringing him nice chocolate and candy.


Assouik bedside with friend in hospital
Assouik bedside with friend in hospital. Photo courtesy of DR.


Assouik is known globally, as he is the multiple times world champion in the ISKA sanctioning body, and has beaten the likes of English Liam Nolan at the IFMA world championship this year. Assouik won the coveted and highly respected IFMA World Championship title by beating Nolan. He has also fought and beat the former ONE Championship title contender Magnus Andersson at the Muay Thai For Life promotion in Sweden.

During his long fairly short career Assouik also fought for Glory Kickboxing and Enfusion.


Youssef Assouik vs. Magnus Andersson at Muay Thai For Life, Sweden

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