World Fight League Reveals More Information On Its New MMA Promotion

One of the newest MMA promotions revealed additional details about the payment structure for their fighters.

The World Fight League is reworking its sport and payment structure. The promotion claimed that other popular promotions are paying fighters only 16-18% of revenue. However, WFL said they plan to share 50% of the revenue with their fighters.

This promotion is making lots of focus on payment, which is the topic of discussion as of late in the MMA community.

The WFL claims that contracts will include guaranteed health insurance, career-ending insurance and pension plan.

There are some other rules too.

  • Four conferences will be a part of the league (North America, South America, Europe/Africa, Asia/Oceana).
  • Each conference will consist of at least eight teams and no more than 24.
  • Each team will consist of 24 league-registered athletes, with three athletes per weight class.

The rules and information are not finalized yet.

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