Would Roy Jones Jr. Fight Mike Tyson If He Failed Drug Test?

Roy Jones Jr. has answered the question of whether or not he’d fight Mike Tyson if “Iron” Mike failed a drug test.

There’s no denying that Tyson has got himself in fighting shape. The 54-year-old looks better physically than he has in quite some time. Tyson credits his ego for driving him to regain his motivation to get back inside the boxing ring.

Many have wondered if Tyson’s appearance is all through hard work or if he’s taking a performance-enhancing drug. Both Tyson and Jones have enrolled in VADA testing. If Tyson happens to pop, Jones insists that the fight will go on as planned. Here’s what Jones said during his RJJ Boxing show on UFC Fight Pass (h/t Bad Left Hook).

“There is testing. They came and tested me last week, and they tested Mike last week,” Jones said. “It would concern you if you were concerned about having advantages. But for me, I’m the kinda guy, I’m old school, you know what I mean? I hope you pass the test, but when I turn my attention to you, I want you, I don’t give a damn what you got, I want you. When I see you like that, I want you, I don’t care who it is.

“I hope he passes the test, because without the test we can’t fight, but even if he didn’t pass the test, Roy would still fight.”

Tyson vs. Jones is scheduled to take place on November 28. There were plans to have the bout go down on September 12 but Tyson’s team wanted more time to market the fight. This will be an eight-round exhibition bout. There will be no judges at ringside so if the fight goes the distance, no winner will be determined. Also, if a fighter suffers a cut, the bout will be stopped immediately.

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