WWE Champion CM Punk On His Short Lived MMA Career

The stars were out in droves for UFC 298: Volkanovksi vs. Topuria this past Saturday, and former UFC competitor and WWE superstar CM Punk was among them.

Phillip Jack Brooks, more well known as CM Punk, fought for a brief period of time between 2016 and 2018. He was unable to register a win in either of his appearances, and ultimately walked away from MMA and back to the professional wrestling world, where he has always found much more success.

At Saturday night’s event, Punk spoke to Sportsnet about his short MMA career. The former longtime WWE champion expressed that he is happy he got the opportunity to experience professional MMA on the largest possible stage.

“You never say never [in the wrestling business],” Punk said. “Who thought I would’ve ever fought in the UFC? I was afforded an opportunity by Lorenzo [Fertitta] and Dana [White], and I would be kicking myself to this day if I said no.

“I’m not a guy who lives with regret. I will seize opportunities whether people believe I deserve the opportunities or not. I work hard for my dreams, and I will always chase them.

“I think a lot of clouds parted, and time heals all wounds, so when it came back to wrestling, it was the right time.

Punk got submitted by Mickey Gall in his 2016 UFC debut, then followed up with a loss to Mike Jackson. His second loss was later overturned to a ‘No Contest’ due to Jackson testing positive for marijuana.

Punk initially retired from professional wrestling in 2014, prior to his time in the UFC. But, he did not stay away from the ring for long, making several appearances in the WWE and AEW, before returning to wrestling full time with the WWE again last year.

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