Yoshihiro Sato vs. Buakaw Banchamek Result

The Rajadamnern World Series Event Just Finished

Buakaw vs. Sato at Rajadamnern, October 2022 official poster


The Japanese Samurai Yoshihiro Sato was towering over the shorter Nak Muay Buakaw Banchamek as they met for the fifth time in their careers spanning more than twenty years.

The walk-ins were long with music and a cheering crowd; the Ram Muay (pre-fight dance) was beautiful (courtesy of Buakaw) and almost artistic, and the tension was thick in the air.

The fight started well with Sato not showing any ring rust, even though he hadn’t fought for seven and a half years. Buakaw was his usual calm and collected, and devastatingly powerful and full of aggression in his attacks, and then suddenly BOOM: he lands an overhand right which sends the Japanese fighter to the canvas!

Sato desperately tried to get up but his legs were so wobbly that the referee called off the fight. And rightfully so.

Buakaw win via knockout in round 1, and is now 4-1 against Sato.

Sato attacking the body with a knee
Sato attacks the body with a knee. Picture from YouTube.

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