Yuriorkis Gamboa Is Released From Jail As He Awaits His Trial

Yuriorkis Gamboa, the ex-world champion, has been let out of prison on bail as he is prevented from leaving Cuba.

On New Year’s Eve, the Cuban was apprehended after a devastating car accident. As he was traveling from Santiago de Cuba on his way to Guantanamo, the boxer collided with a pedestrian who tragically passed away due to the inflicted injuries.

His team declared that Gamboa had been driving in the dark when the pedestrian suddenly stepped out in front of his vehicle.

Jesse Rodríguez, Gamboa’s manager, revealed that the boxer was released from the prison in Santiago de Cuba on Wednesday afternoon and is now at his house in Guantanamo waiting for the prosecution to set a trial date.

He also proposed that the testimony of a surviving witness and the re-enactment of the incident could potentially reduce the boxer’s culpability.

“Gamboa is already close to his family and friends in Cuba. We know that a trial awaits him, but every effort is being made to prevent this legal process from taking place because it has been proven that Gamboa was not guilty of what happened,” Rodríguez.

This is bound to be a tough time for Gamboa, as his career has also stalled too. It has been almost a year since Gamboa was defeated by Isaac Cruz in April 2022, and he has not been active since then.

At the age of 41, coupled with the legal problems he is facing, things are looking bleak.

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