Yuriorkis Gamboa Still In Prison Over Fatal Accident

He has been in custody since New Year's Eve.

The Cuban authorities said that they are unwilling to release former world champion and Olympic gold medalist Yuriorkis Gamboa as he waits for his legal case to be resolved. 

According to the reports from BoxingScene.com, Gamboa was involved in a fatal accident on New Year’s Eve while on his way to Guantanamo. 

The former world champion was apparently driving on the dark side of the road and couldn’t avoid a pedestrian. Eventually, the pedestrian stood in front of his car and passed away due to injuries sustained in the accident. 

Gamboa’s manager, Jesse Rodriguez, believes there is a witness who seems to aggravate the boxer’s guilt. 

“It is somewhat frustrating, because we are dealing with something where you feel bad for the loss of human life,” Rodríguez said to George Ebro. 

“If he has to face a trial by Cuban justice, well, he should show up and assume whatever happens there, but immediate release is fair so that he can wait for his trial at home. He has to face the law of Cuba, but Gamboa should be free. 

“If the law says that there is a trial to come, the witness who was with the deceased has declared that it was not Gamboa’s fault. The reconstruction of the facts shows that it was not Gamboa’s fault. But if the law says that a trial must be held, let the boy go until he faces his day in the Cuban court.” 

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