Aldo Updates on Knee, UFC 237 Fight

After a hospitalization last week in Rio de Janeiro, Jose Aldo appeared at a press conference for UFC 237 this week, even though the status of his fight at the event is uncertain.

Aldo is scheduled to face Alexander Volkanovski at the May 11 event at the Jeunessee Arena in Brazil’s second-largest city, but he was recently hospitalized for bacterial infection from a cut on his knee. Aldo was hospitalized twice, as the first dosage of medication did not help the former UFC and WEC featherweight champion.

Aldo says he received the cut during wrestling practice. He adds that he feels better but has not officially received medical clearance to compete on the card.

“I went to the hospital on Wednesday and they wanted me to stay for one night to take antibiotics,” Aldo said. “Then, the next day the antibiotics didn’t work, only on Friday when they changed it. At that moment, it did go through my mind that I might not be able to fight. I thought I was practically out.

“I’m not even saying I’m in yet. I can’t confirm that because I still have a medical evaluation to do. If the doctor lets me, I’m in. But we sent the video of the puncture they did on my knee, we sent it to [UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby], so everyone knows what’s happening.”

You can watch this and the rest of Aldo’s media scrum in the video player above.

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