Bisping Tells Conor To Let The Small Things Go

One of the most outspoken fighters in mixed martial arts, Michael Bisping, decided to comment on Conor McGregor’s UFC 223 bus attack.

On the latest edition of the Believe You Me podcast, the former UFC middleweight champion claimed McGregor’s behavior was unacceptable, but refused to throw the Irishman under the bus “because the world is doing that.

“The world is judging him. I can’t say anything, I’ve made my fair mistakes over the years. Never to that extent but I’ve certainly done things I regret. But when you look at the situation and you look at Conor McGregor, here’s a guy who quite literally has the world at his feet. He’s got untold wealth. He’s absolutely f**king loaded. He could never work another day in his life and he’d live a very, very extravagant lifestyle.

“He’s been a world champion. He’s super successful in his chosen career. He’s got over $100 million. People love him. Rightly or wrongly, everywhere he goes, people love him. He’s got a beautiful fiancée at home. He’s got a child. He’s got every reason to go through this life happy. Happy, with a smile on his face.”

Bisping claims that McGregor needs to let the little things go, and lose the chip on his shoulder.

“Just lose the chip, that would be my advice,” said Bisping. “Just lose the f**king chip on the shoulder, man. It’s made me realize as well, cause I’ve got a good life. I’m very, very lucky. I thought about this. You see Conor going out there and doing this like, ‘What the hell are you doing? Why would you behave like that?’


The Fox Sports 1 analyst also spoke to whether or not the UFC would treat this situation in a similar way if a lower tiered fighter conducted the attack.

“I tell you right now, if that was Ray Borg that threw a dolly, if that was Rafael dos Anjos that did that, if it was f**king anyone else, they’d be gone. They would be so f**king done in the organization. But no, the footage is on the Embedded! And listen, if you’re the UFC, now you have to do Khabib vs. Conor… Khabib already has a huge following. Conor, of course, massive following. Them two fight after all that? Forget about it. Well over 1.5 million buys.”

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