Buakaw Just Debuted As A Bare Knuckle Fighter

Buakaw Is No stranger To All-Out Wars Using Hands Only .

Fans of Muay Thai and Buakaw were looking forward to seeing their hero square off without gloves on. It was a highly anticipated fight, with Buakaw having a huge fan base worldwide due to his reign as the king of K-1 World Max in its heydays and the fact that he literally obliterates everybody who dares stand in front of him.
Varol of Turkey entered the bare knuckle fighting business with a 0-0-0 record – just like Buakaw, but when the bell rang for the first round, he immediately attacked the Thai, and probably surprised everybody watching.
Buakaw covered up nicely, and then he went on the hunt. It didn’t take more than three or four combos from the Thai, most with hard body shots, to finish the Turk.

Winner by KO in round one: Buakaw Banchamek, Thailand.

Buakaw Banchamek with hands raised at BKFC Thailand
Buakaw at the presentation.                                                                                                               Photo credit: Banchamek Gym.


Buakaw threw a hard left uppercut to the kidney of the Turk in one of his early attacks, that actually looked like he injured his hand: he grimaced when the fight was called off by the referee and looked like he was in severe pain – no celebration smile.

It will be interesting to see if a statement comes out of the Buakaw camp over the next couple of hours or days about the potential injury.

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