Coker Interested In Eddie Alvarez

Earlier this year, Bellator President Scott Coker made it known that any free agent that wants to talk to Bellator, they’re more than welcome to come to the table.

While speaking with The MMA Hour, Coker claimed that he’d be more than happy to talk with former Bellator champion and current UFC fighter Eddie Alvarez, when Alvarez is legally able to negotiate.

“I don’t think we’ve talked to Eddie, but listen, if he wants to reach out and have a conversation and he’s truly a free agent and we’re not interfering in anybody’s contract, we would love to talk to him,” Coker said. “I think the guy has done a lot of good work in building his brand here in the U.S.

“Obviously, he’s had some great fights with Michael Chandler here in the past. We want to talk to every free agent out there that’s a big star, and I think Eddie is still a big star.”

Alvarez would be the first man to hold the Bellator lightweight crown from 2009 until 2011, when he would lose it to Michael Chandler. He’d regain the belt from Chandler in 2013, but abdicate the throne after signing with the UFC.

The current UFC fighter fled to the Octagon from the Bellator cage due to issues with the prior leadership of Bellator, as Bejon Rebney’s team and Alvarez would end up in litigation over his contractual status.

Alvarez would go on to hold the UFC lightweight title, and main event the first ever UFC event inside Madison Square Garden in 2016.

Coker is interested in seeing what happens as they shop around in a cooling free agent market.

“There’s somebody here, there’s somebody there,” Coker said. “It’s not like there’s hundreds or even 10s and 20s of athletes. It’s more of, there’s a big star here or a big star here or a medium star there. But they’re out there and we’ve been plucking them away one by one. And we’re gonna keep shopping and we’re gonna keep growing this roster.”

“This roster looks nothing like it did four years ago,” Coker said.

“It’s a much different fight roster than we had. It’s something we’re proud of and it’s not easy to do. But I think we’ve got a good handle on it.”

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