Davis Vs. Garcia Undercard Exclusive Interviews, Featuring King Ryan

Ryan Garcia made an appearance at the undercard media workout on April 19th, 2023, as Gervonta Davis was surprisingly absent. 

The pair edge ever closer to their upcoming bout on April 22nd, 2023, available on pay-per-view right here, which will decide the new ‘face of boxing’ moving forward. 

With that being said, FIGHT SPORTS caught up with the fighters on the Davis vs Garcia card to get their thoughts ahead of some of the biggest fights of their careers.

Plus King Ryan, and Davis’ coach Calvin Ford, showed up to the undercard workout to say what’s on their mind, heading into the showdown on April 22nd, 2023, via FIGHT SPORTS!

Elijah Garcia

Elija Garcia will be hoping to continue his knockout streak, 12 out of the last 14 fights, when he faces Kevin Zambrano.

On getting a KO: “I’m just trying to put in a great performance, that’s my thing. I believe someone will get knocked out. I think we both have that type of style.

“I don’t really look for the knockout…hopefully it comes. If it doesn’t, I just wanna put on a great performance.”

Kevin Salgado Zambrano

He will be hoping to put in a dominating performance against Elijah Garcia following his victory against Gilberto Flores, which came via a first-round knockout.

On his opponent. “I really don’t know how strong he is but there is going to be a Mexican in this fight.

“And when a Mexican fights, then you are going to have a great fight regardless.”

Gabriel Rosado

Gabriel Rosado has nothing to prove, but has vowed to show that the first knockout of Bektemir Melikuziev was not a fluke.

On being the favorite: “I really just stay focused and locked in. So what I wanna do, I’m taking it personal like ok you thought that knockout was a fluke. Alright, I’m gonna show you it wasn’t a fluke.”

On wanting a knockout: “You always want a knockout. I mean in baseball if you could choose a single or a grand slam, you want the grand slam.”

Bektemir Melukuziev

Melikuziev faces Rosado in the rematch where he will be hoping to get his revenge following his knockout defeat.

On his mindset: “Everything still remains the same. I’m the same fighter. I got better, I got smarter… You know I learned a lot. I have much more experience now.

“But as far as training, I’m always, in all my career…preparing to go out there and hunt the prey. Nothing’s going to change.”

What victory means: “That’s the goal for me every time I step into the ring, and every time the most important for me is the victory, my hand raised at the end of the fight.”

Yamaguchi Falcao

David Morrell Jr., who holds the WBA “regular” super middleweight title, faces Yamaguchi Falcao. And this is what the latter had to say:

Challenges posed by his opponent: “It doesn’t really matter who the opponent is when there’s a belt on the line and the opportunity to win a world title.

“It doesn’t matter if it is Morrell or someone else because the level of difficulty when you are fighting for a world title is hard enough as it is.

“So I don’t really focus on who is this specifically, it’s on the goal that I want to reach.”

On being the underdog: “I know I’m the underdog but you know you can talk the talk and in the end I’m going to show that I should [have] been the favorite all along.”

Calvin Ford

Davis’ coach, Calvin Ford, who has been with him since Tank was seven, backed his fighter to deliver the goods.

On Garcia’s height advantage: “Barrios was bigger than him, what’s next.”

On Davis’ chances: “Look at this crowd. [There’s] something different about this kid ain’t it. Y’all ain’t seen it yet.

“Remember, I always tell you all, you haven’t seen the best of him yet. Y’all about to see it.”

Ryan Garcia

Garcia looked confident and assured in what will be the biggest fight of this career.

On his image: “I don’t care about words. I know what’s in my heart. I know who I am. And I know that I am a fighter.

“When I get put down, I get right back up and I keep fighting so I don’t care about words.

“Words are an illusion. Fear is an illusion. That’s not real. You look in the mirror and you tell yourself what you are.

“That’s what you are no matter what anyone else says…The truth is within you, that’s what you follow.”

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