Devin Haney: Ryan Garcia Was All Cap, Never Wanted To Fight Me

Devin Haney insists that Ryan Garcia’s calls for a bout were nothing more than a ploy.

Garcia is the interim WBC Lightweight Champion. Haney holds the main WBC Title. While Garcia had a mandate to fight Haney, he will now be fighting mandatory challenger Javier Fortuna. Haney will put his gold on the line against Jorge Linares.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s The Ak & Barak Show, Haney made it clear that he believes Garcia did all he can to avoid a fight with him (via

“Me and my team knew that Ryan Garcia was all cap. We knew that he really didn’t want to fight me. He didn’t really want to fight Tank, he didn’t really want to fight Pacquiao.”

Haney said he believes Garcia’s tough talk was really just for show.

“It was just… it was all promotion. And only time will tell what’s really going on and as everyone can see that he’s ducking me. Why fight for another mandatory when you could be fighting for a world title?”

Haney and Garcia are no strangers to one another. The two competed against each other in the amateur ranks. While Haney and Garcia haven’t exactly had beef, they also haven’t been afraid to trade verbal jabs.

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