Dillian Whyte Not Saying A Word Is ‘Smart,’ ‘Funny’

Promoter Eddie Hearn is all for Dillian Whyte’s silence.

Whyte has not made any public statements about his upcoming matchup with WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, and Hearn thinks it’s “smart” and “funny.”

“I like people saying, ‘Oh, Dillian is not firing back at Tyson Fury.’ I love it,” said Hearn. “I love it. Keep them guessing. Maybe we’ll be there maybe we won’t. Let’s see.”

Meanwhile, Fury’s co-promoter, Frank Warren said Whyte needs to hurry up and sign the contract for the targeted April 23 fight in the U.K.

“That’s all we want to do, get on with it. He’s been bleating and moaning that it’s been 1,000 days – I think it’s more like 1,200 days – that he’s been waiting. Well he’s got his shot now and he’s getting a record purse for it, plus that carrot of $4 million [bonus] if he wins, so go for it,” Warren told The Mirror.

Some fans suspect that Whyte’s silence and delay on signing the papers is because he and Hearn are unhappy with the 20% cut of the purse. Hearn has stated that he plans to appeal the WBC order of the split.

Warren won the promotional rights to the fight with a record $41 million bid.

Since Whyte and former unified champion Anthony Joshua refused to step aside for Fury to face Oleksandr Usyk, Fury has been calling out all three boxers on social media.

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