Ferguson TKO Win Overturned Following Belltor 232

For the second week in a row, a controversial TKO has been reversed in the aftermath of a fight, as Baby Slice Ferguson’s win at Bellator 232 has been overturned.

On Monday, the Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation overturned Ferguson’s 38-second TKO of Craig Campbell for an accidental strike to the back of Campbell’s head.

During the ending sequence of the fight, Ferguson accidentally landed an elbow to the back of Campbell’s head, but seems to have not been the knockout blow, that was an elbow to the jaw.

Bellator commentator and an architect of the unified rules of MMA, John McCarthy did note that Ferguson did land an illegal blow, but it was due to Campbell being in motion and not out of malice by the second-generation fighter.

The official for the fight, Bryan Miner did not declare any of the strikes by Ferguson to be a foul, but the Mohegan Commission explained in a letter that they allow the use of instant replay in an “exhibition stopped due to injury to an unarmed combatant in order to determine whether the injury in question was caused by a legal blow.”

”In the case of the above-referenced bout, upon review of the tape, we have determined that the injury that stopped the bout was the result of an accidental foul; elbows to the back of the head,” Commission head Mike Mazzulli wrote. “Since the bout was stopped in the first round of a bout scheduled for three rounds, we have determined that the result of the bout must be changed to “no-contest.”

Report: MMA Fighting

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