Israel Vazquez Taking Down Rafael Marquez Becomes 2007 Fight of The Year – August 4, 2007 (This Day In Boxing History)

Do you remember the 2007 Fight of the Year?

Fifteen years ago, the fight of the year came to be. On August 4, 2007, Israel Vazquez took down Rafael Marquez in an intense rematch.

Within the same year, Marquez had beat Vazquez in the seventh round of the fight, Vazquez even left the fight with a broken nose.

The fight took place at the Dodge Arena in Hildago, Texas.

Vazquez had entered the ring that day seeking revenge, landing a powerful left hook in Round 3, and surviving the wrath of Marquez. Round 3 of the fight was later named Round of the Year.

The seventh round of the fight came, and Vazquez did in fact get his revenge. After a knockdown and sustained assault, referee Guadalupe Garcia put an end to the bout.

“I believe [Marquez] was the best [fighter I ever faced],” Vazquez told The Ring years later. “All the fights I had with Rafa, his shots were like being hit with a mallet in the face, a really hard punch. Out of all the fighters, Rafa had that power — you could feel it.”

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