Israeli Judo Team Cancels Training Camp Due To Coronavirus

The 2020 Olympic Games are set to take place in Tokyo, Japan. While not the epicenter of the coronavirus, the combat sports world is not taking any chances. The Israeli national judo team has announced they have cancelled their plans to travel to Tokyo for its scheduled training camp.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the team is looking to train somewhere in Europe as an alternative. The Health Ministry has already taken precautions, purchasing masks and equipment necessary to avoid the virus. A quarantine has been issued once entering Israel from any of the areas that have come in contact with the virus.

“No one knows the extent of the virus,” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu stated a few days ago. “What I don’t want to have is people panicking because they don’t think there is someone in charge.”

According to an update from The Washington Post, there have been over 77,150 people infected with the virus from all over the world, with over 2,592 deaths recorded.

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