Exclusive: Meet Romanian ‘Mister KO’

Exclusive Interview Announcement!

Andrei Stoica ONE Championship Profile Picture
Photo credit: ONE Championship.


Born in Bucharest, Romania in 1987, Stoica grew up watching his father box. This motivated him and his brother to start boxing too, and the garage at home became their first battleground. When Stoica turned 11 he committed to Judo at a local dojo.

When he turned 17 he switched to Sanda and Kickboxing where he trained under the famous Romanian Kickboxer Cătălin Zmărăndescu.

Stoica wins a close decision vs. El Bouni
Stoica wins a close decision vs. El Bouni. Photo courtesy of ONE Championship.


Stoica is currently signed to ONE Championship, where he is the former ONE Championship Light Heavyweight Championship title challenger.

Andre Stoica vs. Tarik Khbabez
Andre Stoica vs. Tarik Khbabez. Photo credit: ONE Championship.


Stoica has just agreed to sit down with FIGHT SPORTS and do an exclusive interview for the fans. We will be publishing the interview within a fortnight.

Andrei Stoica Top 10 KO’s

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