Julio Cesar Chavez Turns On Ryan Garcia – ‘Not Going To Watch Him’

Julio Cesar Chavez has boycotted Ryan Garcia’s fights following his defeat to Gervonta Davis.

In what was dubbed the biggest fight of the year, Garcia succumbed to a seventh-round knockout defeat following a body shot by Davis.

While that may have been the case, the manner in which Garcia hit the canvas has been questioned. Following the body shot, there was a further couple of seconds before Garcia took a knee.

Not only that but immediately after the ten count was given, he managed to rise to his feet. This led to Garcia’s critics suggesting that he may have quit in order to avoid a full-blown knockout.

With that being said, Chavez did not hold back.

“It wasn’t even a punch. I’m not going to watch him anymore. I don’t want to watch any more Ryan Garcia fights; count me out,” Chavez

Much in the same way, former WBA and IBF super-bantamweight champion Carl Frampton questioned Garcia’s heart.

And given that it was the fight to determine the ‘face of boxing,’ Garcia’s lack of urgency did not sit well. 

“Ryan Garcia’s on his knee looking at the referee and I think he’s going to get up at eight or nine, and he stays on his knee and then he stands up as soon as the 10-count is reached.

“I was just a bit disappointed in that, but it is what it is, and I always thought ‘Tank’ was the favorite in the fight and he just showed his class,” Frampton 

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