K-1 Presents Krush-EX 2022 vol.7

K-1 Is Still A Major Force In Kickboxing

Krush-EX 2022 vol.7 Poster

There was a time when K-1 was the global leader in Kickboxing promotion – mostly the Heavyweight division, but later the K-1 World MAX (Middleweight) division gained huge popularity too.

Fast forward to 2022 and K-1 is not really a major player on the global Kickboxing market anymore, but still hugely popular, and a major player domestically (Japan).

On Saturday the 15th of October 2022 K-1 is promoting another stellar show.

After its formation, “K-1 World League” formally incorporated the Krush brand. It was launched prior to the death of FEG (Fighting Entertainment Group)  in 2009. Krush was originally a collaboration between K-1 and AJKF (All Japan Kickboxing Federation). It was seen at the time as the second tier of K-1 competition, and produced a number of future K-1 fighters such as Takeru Segawa, Tatsuya Tsubakihara and Leona Pettas, among others.

K-1 would later add the Khaos brand as well, which is seen as the third tier of competition, as a stepping stone between amateur and professional competition. K-1 maintains a number of gyms throughout Japan, from which potential kickboxers can transition from training for amateur competition to professional competition. A fighter can viably spend their entire career under the K-1 umbrella in Japan.

On January 26, 2019, Krush was renamed “K-1 Krush Fight” to further announce the connection between the two brands. However, on December 7th 2019, it was renamed back to Krush. The aim of renaming the competition back to Krush was to dispel the image of the brand as the second tier of K-1.

Krush-EX 2022 vol.7 Fight Card

K-1 hasn’t yet posted any broadcast information, but the show is likely broadcast on Abema.tv.


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