Lewis: I Don’t Deserve A Title Shot

Following one of the lowest striking fights in UFC history, Derrick Lewis was candid about his “terrible performance” at UFC 226.

“It was a terrible performance,” Lewis said, per MMA Fighting’s Alexander K. Lee. “I know I say that a lot but it was a real bad performance. I know for sure I don’t deserve a title shot. I believe it hurt me more than it helped me, even though I got the win. I believe it set me probably about two fights back.”

Lewis would take the victory against Francis Ngannou, where Ngannou would land only 11 strikes in the whole fight and Lewis landing only 20.

Lewis would take the blame for his performance, and claimed that a lingering back issue which forced him out of his fight with Fabrico Werdum at UFC 216, reared its ugly head.

“For sure, my back was killing me,” Lewis said. “All I wanted to do was just sit down and stay on that bench.

“Nah, I believe it’s all my fault because I’m the one that called him out and I should have really pushed the pace, but I also had to fight smart too because he is very dangerous on the feet”.

“Really, the game plan was to take his a** down, and I already told my coach I don’t know how to take down,” Lewis said following the fight. “I don’t know how to do takedowns.”

“My ass needs to sit down somewhere and learn some more technique or something… I don’t deserve to call anyone out with a performance like that. I don’t care if he is the No. 1 contender. I believe I shouldn’t be fighting no one, really, with a performance like that.”

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