Liam Smith Defeats Chris Eubank Jr With A Brutal 4th Round TKO

Liam Smith pulled off a surprising stoppage against Chris Eubank Jr at the AO Arena in Manchester, claiming a fourth round TKO. 

Smith was seen as the underdog for the fight since he was moving up to middleweight, while Eubank was favoured to have the advantage.

The two had engaged in a heated public exchange of words before the match, increasing the anticipation for the fight. And it didn’t disappoint.

Smith was the one to take the initiative, with ‘Beefy’ eagerly engaging in a battle with Eubank, as the crowd cheered his every punch.

Eubank managed to obtain a foothold with his snappy jab, in the third round, which was followed by a flurry of uppercuts. The fight, though, was soon over. 

Smith was able to knock Eubank down with a left uppercut and a hook combination, sending him crashing to the floor. Eubank tried to battle back, throwing punches, but his defence was nonexistent and Smith quickly sent him down again.

This prompted the referee to end the fight, just as the towel was about to come in from Roy Jones Jr. Following a stir-causing week of media appearances, the two fighters embraced each other.

Victory gives Smith an excellent opportunity for a second world title, whereas Eubank Jr faces serious question marks over where he goes next.

A rematch may well happen if Eubank Jr decides to enact his rematch clause, but in truth, the next steps will be difficult either way. 

Liam Smith’s Post Fight Comments

When Speaking to BBC Radio Five Live, this is what he had to say: I said all week I’m a good finisher and I knew if I got him hurt that I would finish him.

“Name me a Chris Eubank fight that has been respectful, not many. Something I said may have come across wrong and I apologise for anyone offended by that.

“I respect everybody and it was just tongue in cheek with Chris. There’s not many fighters who can milk a crowd like I can. That was up there with the best nights in my career.”

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