Luke Rockhold Stops Joe Schilling At Karate Combat 45 in Dubai

Following defeats in his last 5 combat sports appearances, Luke Rockhold snapped the losing streak with a powerful right hook knockout of Joe Schilling at Karate Combat 45.

Rockhold and Schilling both made their Karate Combat debut this past weekend when the promotion made a highly anticipated trip to Dubai.

Following the conclusion of his time with the UFC after a loss to Paulo Costa in 2022, Rockhold tested his luck with BKFC, but unfortunately suffered another loss to Mike Perry in his debut. Likewise, Schilling is also coming off a loss in his final Bellator appearance, back in 2019. The decorated kickboxer had not fought since.

Now 39, many fans were anticipating Rockhold would retire for good following three straight defeats in the UFC and a follow-up loss in BKFC. But, the tenacity of the former UFC middleweight champion is clearly more powerful than many expected.

The big question now, is if Rockhold has interest in continuing to compete further given his success with Karate Combat. Or, if he was just looking for one last high note before complete retirement.


Karate Combat 45 Full Event Replay

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