Mark Breland: Deontay Wilder Became Untrainable

Mark Breland has doubled down on his criticisms of Deontay Wilder.

Breland served as Wilder’s trainer until “The Bronze Bomber” fought Tyson Fury in a rematch. Wilder had been knocked down twice in the fight and Breland saw enough in the seventh round as he threw in the towel. Wilder made it clear that he wasn’t happy with Breland’s decision and dropped him from his camp several months later.

Wilder has accused Breland of tampering with his water during the rematch with Fury. Breland responded to this by denying the accusations and claiming that Wilder’s career is over. Wilder fired back, saying Breland is jealous of him due to his career success.

Taking to social media, Breland claimed that Wilder allowed success to get to his head.

“After Deontay became a name in boxing, new members joined the team and it got to the point where I didn’t even have my fighter’s phone number. I haven’t spoken to Deontay alone in years. The things that I told Deontay to do had to be run past Jay.

“Deontay had become untrainable because he was at the point of, he knows more about boxing than all of us. So teaching a correct jab was not a priority to learn once he continued on his knockout streak … so a coach can only teach someone if they’re willing to learn.”

Wilder’s next fight is currently unknown. He is trying to prevent the planned heavyweight matchup between Fury and Anthony Joshua. Wilder says his rematch clause is still in effect, while Fury’s camp claims the clause has expired.

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