McGregor Files Response To Chiesa’s Suit

After resolving a traffic issue and a civil lawsuit, Conor McGregor is now focused on another issue, this stemming from his UFC 223 media day bus attack.

McGregor is being sued by fellow UFC fighter Michael Chiesa, for injuries he suffered as a result of McGregor attacking a bus on April 5th of this year. Chiesa would suffer cuts to his face that would pull him from his fight against Anthony Pettis.

McGregor has filed a response to Chiesa’s civil suit, which has McGregor admitting his conduct was “unquestionably inappropriate,” but should not be considered “outrageous.”

Per TMZ, proving “outrageousness” is essential for collecting damages when it comes to intentional infliction of emotional distress.

McGregor also would claim that his actions were “clearly not directed at [Chiesa] at all”  a claim that the judge may consider, along with McGregor’s claim that Chiesa has failed to prove any real emotional distress from the attack, adding that Chiesa is a “seasoned combat sports fighter” … and therefore should be used to physical trauma.

Initial Report: TMZ

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