Nick Diaz’s Manager Thinks UFC Return In 2021 Will Happen

Nick Diaz is all in on a 2021 return if his manager is to be believed.

Diaz hasn’t stepped inside the Octagon since January 2015. He initially dropped a unanimous decision to Anderson Silva. That result was changed to a No Contest after Silva failed a drug test. Diaz failed his own test for marijuana and was given a whopping five-year suspension from the NSAC. After public blowback, the sanction was greatly reduced but Diaz remained inactive.

Back in September, Diaz’s manager Kevin Mubenga released footage of the Stockton native, who was in tremendous shape. Mubenga said Diaz was doing a test diet to prepare for a 2021 return to the Octagon.

During an edition of the Fight Game Chronicles podcast, Mubenga said all Diaz needs is the right amount of money and the right opponent (h/t

“The guys have been training, he has been training for at least four months straight… We were two months in by that time, that was August or September where he was going two months hard. Now, we are in December, so, he is four or five months in. But, he took a little break because he didn’t want to train and over exhaust it. Took a little break last month and now we are going to pick it back up in December. And, go into the New Year with a deal done and make sure the money is right and the opponent is right and we will be able to move forward. That is all it is.”

Mubenga went on to say that the odds of Diaz going through with return plans are quite high.

“Percent next year? 99.9 percent chance.”

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