Pacquiao vs. Thurman Live Results

Boxing’s welterweight title scene is about to get a little bit clearer, as an anticipated bout between unbeaten WBA (Super) Welterweight Champion Keith Thurman and his challenger, legendary WBA (Regular) Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao, is about to take place, headlining a Premier Boxing Champions card on July 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The championship fight’s build over the past few months have seen Thurman declaring he will retire Pacquiao and looking to bring himself back to the face of boxing’s welterweight division. Meanwhile, Pacquiao is looking to shut Thurman up and continue to build his already historical and lasting legacy.

Pacquiao has won four of his five fights since losing to Floyd Mayweather in May 2015. After winning a trilogy bout with Timothy Bradley, Pacquiao regained the WBO Welterweight Title by defeating Jessie Vargas before losing it in controversial fashion to Jeff Horn in July 2017. Pacquiao claimed the WBA (Regular) Title a year later by stopping Lucas Matthysse and retained the belt with a unanimous decision over Adrien Broner six months ago.

The 29-0 Thurman’s journey as a 147-pound champ began by winning the interim WBA Welterweight Title with a 10th-round knockout of Diego Chaves in July 2013, going on to defend the interim belt three times before being promoted to full-time champion in January 2015. Thurman then made three more defenses against Robert Guerrero, Luis Collazo and current WBC champion Shawn Porter before being elevated once more to “Super” champion prior to a March 2017 WBA/WBC title unification bout with Danny Garcia — a bout Thurman won by a close split decision.

Thurman was forced out of action for the rest of 2017 and all of 2018 due to injuries, surrendering the WBC title in April 2018. Thurman finally returned to the ring in January and retained his WBA “Super” title with a majority decision against Josesito Lopez.

The rest of the pay-per-view main card will see two other welterweight fights — recent WBC title challenger Yordenis Ugas taking on former WBC lightweight champion Omar Figueroa Jr. and former IBF light-welterweight champ Sergey Lipinets facing last-minute replacement Jayar Inson — as well as a bantamweight clash between former champions Luis Nery and Juan Carlos Payano.

The undercard will feature Caleb Plant defending his IBF Super Middleweight Title for the first time against Mike Lee and heavyweight top prospect Efe Ajagba taking on Ali Eren Demirezen.

FIGHT SPORTS brings you live coverage of Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman!

Main Card:

WBA Welterweight Championship: (Regular Champion) Manny Pacquiao def. (Super Champion) Keith Thurman via split decision (113-114, 115-112,115-112)

Yordenis Ugas def. Omar Figueroa Jr. via unanimous decision (119-107, 119-107, 119-107)

Sergey Lipinets def. Jayar Inson via TKO (Rd. 2, 0:57)

Luis Nery def. Juan Carlos Payano via KO (Rd. 9, 1:43)


IBF Super Middleweight Championship: (c.) Caleb Plant def. Mike Lee via TKO (Rd. 3, 1:29)

Efe Ajagba def. Ali Eren Demirezen via unanimous decision (97-93, 99-91, 99-91)

WBA Welterweight Championship: (“Regular” champion) Manny Pacquiao vs. (“Super” champion) Keith Thurman

Round 1: We’re underway! Thurman misses a three-punch combo. One-two from Thurman. Crowd is VERY pro-Pacquiao. Left hand by Pacquiao. Three-punch combo from Thurman. Right jab from Pacquiao. Pacquiao lands a straight left. Pacquiao lands a right. Straight right from Thurman. Thurman backs Pacquiao up and the two exchange in the center of the ring! Combo from Thurman. Big right hand from Thurman. Pacquiao misses a right. Thurman lands a left and fires away a flurry with Pacquiao on the ropes. Pacquiao comes forward with a right and drops Thurman late in round one! Pacquiao comes forward but eats a shot from Thurman! What a round one!

Round 2: Thurman throws a left and flashes the left jab. Pacquiao misses a right. Thurman lands a right, but Pacquiao lands a shot to the body. Pacquiao lands another one to the chin. Pacquiao is backing Thurman up. Thurman throwing his right and he’s fighting in a southpaw stance. Pacquiao with a right hand on Thurman, followed by a small combination. Left hand by Pacquiao. One-two by Thurman. Pacquiao comes back with his own one-two. Thurman lands a combination to the body. Thurman backing Pacquiao up with his left hand. Pacquiao avoids the right hand. Pacquiao lands a couple of rights and then lands a right, pressuring Thurman before the second.

Round 3: Thurman misses a left hook early on. Thurman backs Pacquiao up against the ropes, but he doesn’t unload. Pacquiao with a straight left. Pacquiao tags Thurman with a big right hook. Left hook to the body by Thurman and he fires a flurry. Pacquiao answers with a counterpunch. Pacquiao now trying to pressure Thurman. Thurman with a right. Thurman throws a one-two. Right hand by Thurman. Left hand by Thurman. Pacquiao showing the right hand and he manages to hit a right hook. Thurman with a left to the body. Clinch. Thurman caught with a right hook, but he manages to trade well with Pacquiao before the bell.

Round 4: Three-punch combo to start by Thurman. Pacquiao lands to the body and he appears to have rocked Thurman. Thurman manages to back Pacquiao up with a left hand and now Thurman has Pacquiao on the ropes. Combo by Thurman, as Pacquiao tries to move away. One-two by Thurman to back Pacquiao up. A couple of shots to the body by Pacquiao, followed by a one-two upstairs. Pacquiao lands to the body before Thurman clinches up. A few lefts from Thurman but Pacquiao answers with a combo. Double jab by Pacquiao. Each man lands one to the head. Pacquiao with some speedy punches in close. Pacquiao back to the ropes as Thurman tries to land to the body. Pacquiao’s speed still troubling Thurman some here. A few punches to the body by Thurman before the bell.

Round 5: Thurman with a small combination. Thurman misses an overhand. Thurman is the one walking forward, but he eats a couple of punches from Pacquiao. A couple of left hooks to the body by Pacquiao. Thurman lands a couple of big shots upstairs, but Pacquiao says he’s okay. Thurman backed up by a Pacquiao jab. Thurman with a right upstairs. Pacquiao throws a couple of rights. One-two by Thurman, who has a bloody nose now. Right hand by Thurman and each man throws a combo. One-two by Pacquiao tags Thurman. Pacquiao works Thurman’s body. Hook by Thurman. Left hand by Thurman. Thurman tries to go strong to the body again, but Pacquiao answers with a strong countershot. Pacquiao continues to tag Thurman throughout the closing seconds and Thurman is banged up as he goes to the corner!

Round 6: Thurman trying to start strong again, but Pacquiao trying to keep his distance. Pacquiao lands a countershot to the body, catching Thurman again. Thurman backed up by another double jab. Left by Pacquiao. Thurman catches Pacquiao with a big right hand. Right hand by Thurman. One-two by Thurman. A couple of more punches to the body by Thurman. Pacquiao throws a combo. Right hand by Pacquiao. Right hand by Thurman. Pacquiao throws a straight left and tries to chase Thurman down. Thurman throws a big combo late in the round.

Round 7: Thurman comes out fast and aggressive, trying to trouble Pacquiao early. One-two by Pacquiao. A few lefts to the body by Thurman, followed by a right. Thurman tags Pacquiao with a right hand. Straight right by Thurman. Small combo by Pacquiao moving back. Right hand by Pacquiao. Thurman tags Pacquiao yet again. Big punch again by Thurman. Thurman now avoids a couple of shots to the body by Thurman.  Thurman lands to the body, but Pacquiao does land a hook. Uppercut by Pacquiao slightly rocks Thurman, but he answers still.

Round 8: Each man throwing hooks to start the eighth. Thurman tries to throw a right, but Pacquiao gets around him and lands a left. A couple of lefts from Thurman. Pacquiao fires a small flurry. Pacquiao lands to the body and then upstairs. Another shot upstairs by Pacquiao. Thurman lands a shot at runs low. Thruman tries to land a right but it’s blocked by Pacquiao. Pacquiao lands a right. Straight left by Pacquiao. Pacquiao tagging Thurman against the ropes. One-two by Pacquiao. Another left and another right by Pacquiao. Pacquiao backing Thurman up. A tie-up and the referee has to separate. Each man lands a left. Thurman with a right. One-two by Thurman. Thurman tags Pacquiao with two right hands before the bell.

Round 9: Both men try to land inside. Thurman trying to come forward, with each man flashing their jab. Right hand by Thurman. A couple of lefts from Thurman. Right hand by Pacquiao. Pacquiao lands inside. Thurman lands a couple of lefts. Thurman misses a one-two. Thurman lands a left. Each man throwing a couple of weak straights. Pace has slowed here in round nine. Combination by Thurman. Thurman makes Pacquiao miss coming in. Right hook by Pacquiao. One-two hooks to the body. Combination by Thurman backs Pacquiao up to the ropes. Now Pacquiao answers with his own punches, landing a straight left. The two exchange in close and tie up at the end of the round.

Round 10: Thurman again starts with a strong three-punch combination. Thurman continues to throw combos. A couple of rights from Thurman. A couple of lefts by Thurman. Pacquiao throws a combo and lands a nice right. Left hook by Thurman. Right hook and a flurry from Pacquiao. Pacquiao with a one-two while Thurman throws a flurry. Pacquiao tags Thurman to the body and Thurman is hurt! Pacquiao is chasing Thurman down! Thurman clinches up! Pacquiao continuing to back up and chase Thurman. Combination by Pacquiao! Thurman now landing a small combination! Pacquiao trying to attack the body some more. The two exchange before the bell to end a big round 10!

Round 11: The two throwing several straights and hooks but not landing much at the start of this round. Small combination by Thurman, but Pacquiao fires to the body again and Thurman is on his bicycle again. Right hand by Pacquiao, but Thurman answers with a counter one-two. Left uppercut from Thurman is countered by Pacquiao. Big right hand by Thurman shakes up Pacquiao and puts HIM on his bike! One-two by Thurman. Right hook by Pacquiao. Right hand by Thurman. Right hand again by Thurman in a brief exchange. Thurman with a couple of lefts and a combination. Right hand by Thurman.

Round 12: Glove touch and Thurman comes out aggressively to start the round. Thurman throws a combination with Pacquiao on the ropes. Thurman lands inside. Pacquiao backing up but throwing, while Thurman trying to pressure the Filipino fighter. Left hand by Thurman. Pacquiao with a left inside. Straight left by Pacquiao. And again. And again. He has tagged Thurman, but Thurman is taking it well. Thurman trying to chase Pacquiao, but Pacquiao counters. One minute remaining. Brief exchange. Overhand right by Thurman. Combination by Thurman, but he eats one to the body. Right hand by Thurman to the head! Each man throws a left! The two exchange wildly before the bell! Great fight!

Official Result: WBA Welterweight Championship: (Regular Champion) Manny Pacquiao def. (Super Champion) Keith Thurman via split decision (113-114, 115-112,115-112)


Yordenis Ugas vs. Omar Figueroa Jr.

Round 1: Ugas lands one to the body. Figueroa comes out with a speedy combination. Ugas goes to the body again. Figueroa working the left jab with Ugas against the ropes. Ugas gets around and lands a hook to the body. Overhand right by Ugas. Figueroa clinches up. One-two from Figueroa. Ugas throwing the left overhand, while Figueroa looking to get inside. Ugas lands another hard shot to the body. Small combination by Figueroa, and Ugas responds with a hard right hand that stumbles Figueroa back and his glove touches the canvas! A technical knockdown! Figueroa tries to fire another speedy combination out the gate, but Ugas continuing to touch Figueroa with power! Clinch with dirty boxing in the closing seconds.

Round 2: Figueroa coming out quickly in round two. A clinch and the two have to be separated. Big right hand by Ugas again. Ugas catches Figueroa coming inside again. Figueroa misses a couple of lefts. Right hand by Figueroa. Figueroa tries to get inside again, but Ugas is answering. Ugas landing to the body again. Figueroa misses two rights and Ugas lands a couple more to the body. Figueroa is trying to get inside, but Ugas is the one landing better. Ugas gets a warning from the referee for holding. Body shot by Ugas. Hook from Figueroa and Ugas answers with two shots. Dirty boxing with Figueroa’s back to the ropes. Each man lands to the body. Ugas landing well to the body still.

Round 3: Ugas with another clinch to start the third, as we have more inside boxing. A couple of rights from Figueroa in a clinch. Ugas with a couple of one-twos. Figueroa with a right after avoiding a big right from Ugas. More clinch work from both men. Hook by Ugas. Figueroa lands inside, but Ugas lands a combination. One-two from Ugas. Ugas misses a big right hand. Figueroa lands a couple of hooks to the body. Ugas with two hooks to the body, and Ugas rocks Figueroa. Clinch on the ropes. Ugas throws a right uppercut off a separation. Figueroa trying to get to the body some more. Ugas tags Figueroa with a big left and a couple of follow-ups before the bell

Round 4: Ugas working the left jab. A couple of lefts from Figueroa. Clinching and Ugas backs Figueroa up to the ropes, right near a corner. Figueroa tries to get inside and lands a couple of weak uppercuts. Referee warns both men for holding. Figueroa throws a right but Ugas answers with a left. A couple of lefts to the body by Figueroa. Exchange inside. Time called by the referee and it turns out Figueroa is cut on the hairline. Cut came from a clash of heads. Doctor cleans it up and isn’t concerned. Figueroa backs Ugas up with a power shot. Left hook and a right by Ugas. Ugas misses a couple of uppercuts. Ugas misses a big right hook. Another clinch, another separation. Right hand by Ugas as the two exchange before the bell.

Round 5: Clinching to start off the fifth round. Ugas is deducted one point for holding behind the head. More clinching right off the reset. Figueroa lands a couple to the body, but Ugas still seems in control of the clinch. Figueroa lands. More clinching and Ugas’ corner is upset, claiming Figueroa is the one responsible for the holding. Ugas might be trying to fight at distance now to prevent more dirty boxing and risk. Ugas tags Figueroa but he soon gets into a clinch again. Figueroa gets hit but clips Ugas. More boxing form in close for both men.

Round 6: Both throw a left and working their jabs. Another clinch, and Ugas pushes Figueroa off. More clinching. Ugas avoiding Figueroa’s punches but the two get tied up again. Figueroa throws a right hand. Figueroa continuing to try to land inside. A lot of clinching, not a lot landing clean. Right hand by Ugas. Figueroa lands one to the body. The two exchanging inside, with Ugas throwing a combination. Figueroa pressuring Ugas with several jabs. Ugas tags Figueroa with an overhand and Ugas busts Figueroa up some before the bell.

Round 7: Clinching right out the gate. Both men landing weak shots in close. The referee has to step in one minute into the round to separate the two. Ugas levels Figueroa with a punch. Another clinch with Figueroa’s back to the ropes. Ugas blocking Figueroa’s punches with his arm. Small combination from Figueroa. Ugas misses a big right. Ugas, however, does clip Figueroa with another right and throws a couple of combinations. Ugas lands a couple more punches to the body. Ugas backs up Figueroa and he fires a flurry.

Round 8: Ugas works the left hand to start round eight. Each man throws a jab. Ugas with a right but misses a left. Left by Ugas. Another big left hook to the body by Ugas. Shot to the body again by Ugas. A couple of more hooks to the body by Ugas as more inside boxing continues. Ugas with a combination but he lands a low blow on Figueroa. The two exchange briefly inside, but Ugas snaps Figueroa’s head back with a couple of right hands late, as well as a left hook at the bell.

Round 9: Both men throwing to the body here in round nine. Right hand to the head by Ugas. Figueroa’s punch is blocked. And another. Not a lot of action suddenly here. Ugas landing a couple of power uppercuts to the body. Ugas backs up Figueroa with a right. The ref has to separate another clinch. Figueroa with an uppercut. Figueroa misses another and eats two body shots. Figueroa warned for holding. Ugas throws a small combo. Combination by Figueroa. A small flurry from Ugas as Figueroa is back up against the ropes. Another clinch before the bell.

Round 10: Referee has to separate the two quite early. Ugas lands a right hand. One-two to the body by Ugas. More tying up here with two minutes to go. Figueroa works the left jab. Ugas with a weak combination and he misses a couple of hooks. Ugas working the left jab again. Ugas lands a couple of punches. More tying up and Ugas is just throwing at will at this point. Figueroa looks tired here as the two exchange body shots before the bell. Figueroa eats one more right to the head.

Round 11: Ugas gets Figueroa to the ropes already. Right hand by Figueroa. Ugas tags Figueroa on the body once again. Yet another clinch against the ropes. Right hand by Figueroa. Figueroa tries to get inside again. Hook by Figueroa with about a minute left and more clinching. Ugas looks like he’s trying to just cruise to the decision, but he’s verbally warned by the referee again. Small combo by Ugas, while Figueroa lands one to the body. Big right hand and a couple of body shots by Ugas right before the bell.

Round 12: Not a lot going on to start the 12th. Upon separation of another clinch, a brief exchange. Ugas lands a couple of strong lefts from Figueroa. Ugas has landed over 100 more punches than Figueroa with 90 seconds left in this fight. Ugas misses a big right uppercut. Ugas lands a big shot, however, and tries to left Figueroa come forward. The two going at it inside some more. Ugas lands a couple in close. Hook by Ugas is missed. Left hand by Figueroa as the referee tries to separate them. Small flurry from Ugas before the final bell. Dominant outing from Ugas.

Official Result: Yordenis Ugas def. Omar Figueroa Jr. via unanimous decision (119-107, 119-107, 119-107)


Sergey Lipinets vs. Jayar Inson

Round 1: Right hand from Inson to start. Small combination from Inson. Small combination from Lipinets now and he misses a big hook. Inson lands some on the inside. Lipinets with a left hook. Lipinets lands to the body. One-two by Inson. Inson lands a jab. Lipinets lands to the body and accidentally lands low. Clinch where Lipinets throws a hook. Inson circling around. Lipinets throws a right. One-two to the body by Lipinets and Inson clinches. Left to the body by Lipinets. Right hand by Lipinets. Another clinch. One to the body by Lipinets.

Round 2: Right hand by Inson. Left by Lipinets. Right by Inson. One-two by Lipinets. Lipinets lands a couple of lefts. The two throw at the same time and a hard left hook to the chin of Inson, and he goes down! He gets up but the referee doesn’t like what he sees and opts to wave the fight off! Lipinets gets the finish!

Official Result: Sergey Lipinets def. Jayar Inson via TKO (Rd. 2, 0:57)


Luis Nery vs. Juan Carlos Payano

Round 1: Payano with a jab, followed by a one-two to start. Lots of circling here. Another combination from Payano. Payano misses with the big left. Payano comes in with another combination as he tries to get inside. Payano works the jab and lands it to the body. Big straight left by Payano catches Nery coming forward. After some time, Payano comes forward again working the right hand. Nery throws a jab and the two exchange against the ropes and the ref has to step in after an accidental clash of heads. Combination by Payano.

Round 2: Payano again flashing the right jab. Nery lands several times to the body and even lands one up top. Payano misses with a few jabs. Nery lands a left to the body. Clinch. Payano lands a few body shots inside and throws another combination on the break. Three-punch combo thrown by Payano. Nery with a straight left. Payano trying to pressure Nery. Left to the body by Payano. A couple of more lefts from Payano. Nery misses a big left but gets Payano’s back to the ropes. Nery lands a big shot to the body and throws some more power, but Payano clinches to stop him.

Round 3: Payano lands to the body and throws a combination. Nery goes to the body, but Payano lands two jabs. Payano misses an overhand. More working of the right jab from Payano. Combination landed by Nery and Payano a big uppercut. Big exchange with the two landing with speed and conviction. Nery hitting the body and Payano answering, landing a big hook in the process. Straight left and combination from Nery. Another clinch with the two trading shots. Payano not able to land the right twice. A couple of rights from Payano before the bell.

Round 4: Combination by Nery, but not much lands and Payano briefly holds. A left and a small combination from Payano. Straight left by Payano lands flush. Nery backing Payano back and lands several uppercuts to the body. Payano misses a left. A couple of rights jabs from Payano. Nery lands to the body. Nery has Payano rocked a bit and he throws a combination. Two combinations from Payano. Both firing away in close distance and Nery pushes Payano to the canvas. Payano gets up and more brawling from close in range. Nery cutting off the ring but not much action in the closing seconds.

Round 5: Clinch very early as the dirty boxing continues. Big left hand backs up Payano, but Payano makes Nery eat a hook of his own. Nery continuing to cut off the ring as the two battle inside once more. Another clinch and another separation. Payano works the jab. Nery lands upstairs. Another clinch. Nearly a clash of hands. Straight left by Payano. Nery landing some punches, but Payano taking them well and managing to get inside on Nery. More dirty boxing. The two trading inside more in the closing seconds and Nery lands a right hook to the body.

Round 6: Left hand from Payano, followed by a combination. Payano throws a left and misses a right. Nery trying to catch Payano and rock him with a hard shot. Straight left by Payano in combination punching that backs up Nery. Both men tied up. Payano comes forward and misses a three-punch combo. The two exchanging near a corner and Payano keeps his distance and tags Nery. Nery trying to work his jab but Payano clinches and throws one to the body. More tying up. One-two by Payano. Another clinch. Payano throws to the head, and Nery trying to back Payano up. One-two from Payano and another clinch. Dirty boxing with a bunch of exchanges as the round closes.

Round 7: A couple of lefts by Payano to start. Left hand by Nery to catch Payano coming forward. Combination by Payano. More clinching. One-two from Payano before working the right jab. Nery trying to land to the head in close, but he can’t connect. Payano tagging Nery several times, but Nery lands a right hook that rocks Payano! Payano, luckily for him, clinches up. He still looks troubled upon the separation. Nery lands another right hook. A shove and the ref has to step in. Nery throws a couple of jabs. Nery throwing with power, but Payano is backing up and throwing a couple to try to answer. Nery landing with conviction on Payano’s body. The two exchanging, producing some fireworks at the end of the round.

Round 8: Payano coming forward and trying to dig into the body. Another clinch by Payano, as he’s trying to get inside once more. Nery looking to land a right but another clinch. Payano with a couple of jabs. Combination by Nery. Straight left lands flush on Payano. Nery lands a left uppercut inside. Payano trying to land inside, but Nery is there to back him up. Nery’s the one coming forward here. Nery mixing it up, but Payano is responding. Another clinch. The two exchange to close the round.

Round 9: Some blood coming from Payano after the last round. Payano still looks like he’s slowed and less aggressive. Left hand misses by Payano. Payano working the right,  but Nery comes in with a combination of uppercuts to the body. Three-punch combo by Nery. Nery applying the pressure, walking Payano back. Nery backs Payano up into a corner and manages to tag Payano. Nery lands to the body with a liver shot and Payano slowly goes down. Payano, sitting down, ends up lying on the canvas and is in excruciating pain! The ref waves it off! Another KO for Nery!

Official Result: Luis Nery def. Juan Carlos Payano via KO (Rd. 9, 1:43)


IBF Super Middleweight Championship: (c.) Caleb Plant vs. Mike Lee

Round 1: Jab by Lee to start things out. A couple of lefts and a right from Lee, all missing. Jab by Plant. Lee trying to get to the body. Plant lands a hook downstairs. Plant misses and gets grazed with a counter. Combination from Plant. Left hand from Plant. Right hand by Plant. Plant throws a left and avoids an answering right. Small combination from Lee. Double-hook combination by Plant that backs Lee up some. Plant lands a hook upstairs. Lee misses three lefts. Plant doing a good job of moving around and avoiding Lee’s punching. Plant works the jab and catches Lee directly on the face with a hook, knocking the challenger down! Lee gets up but looks very defensive, not doing much until the bell.

Round 2: Lee misses a few jabs to start the second. Another miss with a left. Lee gets caught to the body and eats a combination. The two exchange and both land. Lee still looking quite defensive despite moving forward. Plant lands to the body. Right hand by Plant. Lee misses with two rights,  troubled by Plant’s agility. Lee misses a straight right. Left hand by Plant. Plant lands another left as the two move around. Combination by Plant. Another combination by Plant. Plant still moving around and continuing to make Lee miss. Another nasty combination. Plant keeping it to short shots and moving around — it’s all working.

Round 3: One-two by Plant. Plant lands another four-punch combination and the right hand over the top drops Lee again! Lee gets up, but Plant has landed 46 strikes so far compared to Lee’s seven. Short left hook to the body catches Lee coming in, and Lee barely gets up again. Another combination by Plant! Lee coming out aggressive and throwing all he can in the hopes of one big shot. He doesn’t look like he has all of his legs under him. Plant tags Lee with another left to knock him down one more time and the referee waves it off! Lee is not happy but he ate A LOT of damage and got dropped three times in the round.

Official Result: Caleb Plant def. Mike Lee via TKO (Rd. 3, 1:29)

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