Summer Olympics Boxing 2021 Day 2 Recap

The summer Olympics are underway and no other sport is captivating viewers more than boxing. Plenty of Women’s flyweight matches took place early morning with Charley-Sian Davison from Great Britain and Tsukimi Namoki showing absolute domination in their bouts.

Virginia Fuchs from the US won her bout with Svetlana Soluianova from Russia. Bulgarian female boxer Stoyka Krasteva prevailed over her Vietnamese opponent Nguyen Thi Tam. She will face Virginia Fuchs in the semifinals.

The men’s lightweight and light heavyweight divisions saw plenty of action with absolutely domination performances for the boxers. Australia’s Harry Garside won a one-sided decision victory against John Ume from New Guinea. He goes on to face Jonas Jonas from Namibia. Japan Daisuke Narimatsu’s defeats Congo’s Fiston Mbaya Mulumba in a lopsided decision victory. More action from the lightweight Zakir Safiullin from Kazakhstan dominates Leodan Pezo Saboya from Peru and Brazilian boxer Wanderson de Oliveira gains a decisive win in his bout.

The light heavy-weight division had some spectacular performances from phenomenal amateur boxers. Dilshodbek Ruzmetov from Uzbekistan lands a crushing defeat on Irish boxer Emmet Brennan. Many back and forth battles took place especially between Luka Plantić from Croatia and Odai Riyad Adel Alhindawi from Jordan with Luka coming out on top.

Algeria and Venezuela also had a grueling battle with Algerian boxer Mohammed Houmri coming out on top. Great Britain’s Benjamin Whittaker had a remarkable showcase of boxing skill against Colombia’s Jorge Luis Vivas. Chinese boxer Chen Daxiang took the show giving his opponent no round throughout the fight. So far the showings had been quite good but the real show stopper came in the bout between Russia and Morocco with Russian boxer Imam Khataev scoring a spectacular knockout win.

The upcoming matches will feature Men’s flyweight and middleweight as well as Women’s featherweight. All boxers who have qualified will face opponents in the semifinal rounds. Legendary Indian female boxer Mary Kom also made an appearance winning her bout 4-1. Keep an eye on her as she could be a real contender for the medals. Manny of the Uzbekistan boxer who participated has qualified with remarkable results. It can only be speculated who will make it to the end of the tournament.

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