UFC Fighter’s Sister Issues Statement After Alleged Attempted Murder

The sister of a UFC fighter facing charges of attempted murder has spoken out.

News broke that Irwin Rivera was arrested on Thursday, January 7 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The UFC bantamweight allegedly stabbed his two sisters while they were staying at his home. In the police report, Rivera allegedly admitted he thought he killed his sisters for a “higher power.”

Taking to her Facebook page, one of Rivera’s sisters, Lezlye, issued the following statement.

“This past weekend my brother hasn’t been acting like himself. Not sleeping or talking like himself and completely just losing interest in his training, which we all know is what he lives to do. This concerned me and had me jump on the next airplane asap and go check up on him. Unfortunately, his mental stage was worse than we could [have] imagined, and before we could help him he completely broke. This is not easy for me or my family but I ask to please keep my brother in your prayers, pray he can stabilize and come back to us because sometime within the past 24 hours his mentality has been completely corrupted into something unrecognizable. Again we love our brother and are 100% here to support him and try and get him this help he so desperately needs!”

Rivera was last seen inside the Octagon back in September 2020. He dropped a split decision to Andre Ewell. He has gone 1-2 under the UFC banner.

We’ll keep you posted on the latest updates on the situation with Irwin Rivera as they become available.

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