What Does Courage Mean To You?

In judo, courage means the following:

We do what is right, we do what is fair.

The saying is used for all judokas, young and small. It is one of the eight values that are learned during your first day of training. Athletes from all over continue to showcase courage every time they compete. The International Judo Federation is looking to show how with the above video.

“During my career, there were times where life hit me very hard in areas that are so personal and close to my heart,” Hungary’s Miklos Ungvari stated. “For example, the passing of my grandfather, where I really had to find the strength. I am certain that judo helped me a lot to successfully overcome these hard times and in all other areas of life… and has taught me to have courage and stay on my feet despite any hardships life may bring.”

Other athletes to include examples include Germany’s Dominic Ressel and Martyna Trajdos, as well as Austria’s Sabrina Filzmoser.

This all correlates with the latest celebration of the values of judo via the Great 8 contest. Kids of all ages can participate via the attached link.

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