What Makes Certain Boxers One-Hit Champions?

Names like Bermaine Stiverne, Charles Martin or Andy Ruiz Jr may pop up when we speak of boxing champions who did not really maintain their A-game after clinching an upset win in their respective careers.

Ruiz Jr was, perhaps, the best instance of a one-hit champion when he beat a boxer who was undefeated, fitter than him, taller than him and stronger than him — Anthony Joshua.

No one had expected the Mexican starlet to hand AJ his career’s first loss, but his quick punches got the better of the former champ.

But the Brit soon got his belts back in the mandatory rematch and made the win look too easy.

Ruiz had shown the boxing fraternity that you may not need a muscular, aesthetic figure to become a world champ. However, lack of discipline did not help Ruiz and he hasn’t quite found the same rhythm that he once had a few years ago when he became the heavyweight king.

Jess Willard can be another addition to the loss.

After becoming the champ with a knockout win over a 37-year-old Jack Johnson, he didn’t quite have similar success in his career. Jack Dempsey bossed him around soon after that and Willard never seemed like the same fighter.

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