WWE’s Lashley Interested In Bare-Knuckle Boxing

Sometimes, it is hard to make transitions to multiple combat sports. One of the top athletes today, Bobby Lashley is looking to conquer them all.

The WWE star went on WWE’s The Bump and spoke about his career goals. An amateur wrestler and army vet, Lashley discussed the idea of transitioning to another combat sport. This one would require him to act in a way not normally seen in a pro wrestling ring.

“Man, I’m very basic. I’m a fighter, I love to fight, I love to compete,” Lashley stated, via Fightful. “I wrestled my entire life, amateur wrestled my entire life. I’ve been fighting, I mean, I just met with the bare-knuckle guys and talked to them about possibly doing a bare-knuckle fight, maybe next year if Vince allows me to do it. I like to fight, I like to train, I like to fight and I like to wrestle.”

This would not be the first time Lashley has done something like this. While working in wrestling, Lashley trained to become an MMA fighter.  He has fought for multiple promotions, from Titan FC to Strikeforce to Bellator MMA. With the latter promotion, Lashley (15-2) was 5-0. The last Bellator fight for Lashley was Bellator 162 in 2016, when he beat Josh Appelt via submission. Following that run, he competed for Impact Wrestling before returning to WWE.

It is unknown his status with Bellator at the moment, but Scott Coker has been adamant regarding his support of Lashley’s run in pro wrestling. There have been no talks with Bellator, however, for a future fight at the moment.

Over the years, bare-knuckle boxing has become a popular sport. one of the top promotions out there, Bare-Knuckle FC, has managed to procure a number of talented individuals from MMA to boxers. With Lashley signed to a long-term deal with WWE, however, it is unsure if Vince McMahon will allow it to happen.

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