Zingano Files To Have UFC 232 Decision Overturned

After suffering a toe to the eye at UFC 232, Cat Zingano looks to overturn her UFC 232 loss to Megan Anderson.

Zingano is looking to have the fight overturned to a no-contest and also per her lawyer Nathan Gable is seeking “a legal opinion regarding the interpretation of the applicable rules” that were employed for the fight.

Less than a minute into the opening round, Zingano would get caught with a kick by Anderson that would go into the fighter’s eye, referee Marc Goddard would claim it was a legal blow, and would wave off the fight when the former title challenger made it clear she was unable to continue.

According to the Unified Rules of MMA, a strike that catches the eye is legal, but Gable argues the rules on  eye gouges don’t rule out toes as a means of gouging..

“The language of the Unified Rules regarding eye gouging is non exhaustive and the examples listed, namely ‘eye gouging by means of fingers, chin, or elbow,’ are not meant as the only methods by which a foul may occur,” reads the appeal. “First, the language is plainly open ended, beginning with ‘eye gouging of any kind.…’ Had the Unified Rules intended to limit this foul to only the examples that followed and exclude toes from this foul, this rule would have been written with limiting language such as, ‘only eye gouging by means of fingers, chin, or elbow is illegal’ and omit the words ‘of any kind.’

“Additionally, had this rule been meant to limit this foul to only the examples that followed and exclude toes, then by the same logic, a thumb to the eye would not be foul as the rule merely mentions fingers, not thumbs.”

Gable cites the Unified Rules on bouts “concluded due to unforeseen, non-combat related issues” prior to the halfway mark (plus one second) of a scheduled bout and concludes Zingano’s bout should be ruled a no contest.

According to MMAJunkie, Zingano will get a hearing with the California State Athletic Commission next month to address her appeal.

Initial Report: MMAJunkie

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