Aidos Yerbossynuly In ‘Critical Condition’ After David Morrell Knockout

Yerbossynuly has been in the hospital ever since the loss.

Aidos Yerbossynuly is still in the hospital. 

In the latest development, the Kazakh boxer reportedly had brain surgery and is in critical condition, according to Marca. 

The former undefeated super middleweight went toe-to-toe with WBA regular super middleweight champion David Morrell on Saturday and took a beating. Though the bout made it to the final round, Yerbossynuly was visibly winded after taking a number of power punches from his opponent. 

Morrell caught Yerbossynuly with a straight left hand in the beginning of the 12th round that knocked him down. Yerbossynuly got back up, but it didn’t take too long for Morrell to floor him to the mat again. 

The referee immediately waved it off then. He tried walking Yerbossynuly to his corner, but the boxer could not walk. After noticing, Morrell assisted in bringing Yerbossynuly to his team.  

Both Yerbossynuly and Morrell’s trainers said that the fight should have been stopped sooner. 

“…. He took way too many punches. And you know what? This kid might never be able to fight again. That’s how bad it was,” Morrell’s trainer, Ronnie Shields, previously said. 

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